Everyone wakes up with “Paisa Paisa”. Deepak is deeply in love with Somi, he’s way too much inclined towards her. Bigg Boss instructs to decide two contenders to be chosen for captaincy from Gupta Parivaar (winning team). Romil pokes his nose in their decision. Jasleen gets into an argument because she wants to compete for the captaincy task. Finally, they choose Jasleen & Sree. Deepak takes few cans of Appy Fizz & gives to Romil for distributing those amongst others. Bigg Boss scolds him & asks him to keep the key of the fridge in the storeroom as he violated one of the house norms. All the members will have badges of Jasleen & Sree which they’ll have to wear (anyone) whom they want to support for captain. Jasleen & Sree are given 1.5L points & there’ll be Diwali Mela in the garden area. Three shops will open thrice, 1st time for Jasleen, 2nd time for Sree & 3rd time for both. They’ll have to buy things for the members based on their choice to have their support. In the end, the contestant having maximum badges will become the new Fizz Captain of the week. Deepak will be the coordinator. The competition starts with Sana’s surprise as a shop-keeper. Jasleen is supported only by Romil. Almost all the members buy clothes. Sana gifts a dress to Urvashi. Few members change their badges of Sree to Jasleen. Next round is a dance show in the activity area. Sree has to buy the house members tickets for the show from the garden area. Sree decides the places for them & buys tickets accordingly. Sapna enters with a sizzling dance performance. All the housemates enjoy the Diwali celebration. The final round is of the food stall. The member needs to convince the seller & accordingly, he’ll decide the price & he might give 1+1 also. All the housemates support Sree except Somi. Sreesanth becomes the new Fizz Captain. KV & Sree hug each other & ends their fight. Sree also sorts his problem with Rohit.

– Sreetama Thakur.

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