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Written update of Bigg Boss, EPISODE 35-DAY 34

In this week’s Weekend Ka Vaar, without any badinage Salman Khan came straight in to house matters. As we saw in the last episode, Surbhi, Dipika, Sreesanth were voted for the jail’s punishment. Sree was very much angry with the decision and started doing absurd things. Surbhi was also there in the jail and she continuously provoked him. Sree said to Bigg Boss, “I will leave the house if this continues!”. But Surbhi was not at all concerned about him. In the bedroom area, Romil and Khan sisters were blaming Jasleen and Sree for ruining the atmosphere of the house.

Salman was very shocked with Sree’s statement to Surbhi, he said “I get money for doing all this, what you got?” Salman hoped that someday Sree will realize what he said was wrong.

 Salman came to the house through Panasonic OLED T.V. He congratulated Shiv for being the new captain of the house. He also said Deepak was very good in the “Ghora Gadi” task but in the “Sansani Secrets” task, he did mistakes by not listening to Saba’s words.

In the first day of luxury budget task, Sree ran for just 0.4 KM, which was very surprising to Salman. Surbhi said, “Sree ji had a problem to seek all the attention and secondly, he had some grudges in the heart for few people but he also had a bond with them.

That’s why he couldn’t decide what he actually wanted to do!” Salman advised,  ” Sree do not repeat this kind of thing and people are expecting you not to give up because who once played for world cricket is giving up like that shows lack of sportsmanship.” Romil and Surbhi said all these physical problems were a part of his strategy. Salman said, “If this is his strategy, then well done man!”

Then coming to Surbhi’s allegation where Jasleen said, she smoked in the bathroom which was against the house rules. Salman clarified and told Surbhi didn’t do that & showed the audience a clipping of the actual footage. The allegation was completely wrong. After that, Jasleen and Sree became the villains of the house.

Then Salman came and announced that viewers saved KV and Srishty from this week’s eviction. This week’s Appy Fizz caller of the week called for Jasleen and asked why she was making a ‘Fauj’ with most of the people who are not involved in the game and she herself made so many mistakes so, how could she lead the fauj? Jasleen told she was not making any kind of gang, she just has a good relationship with them because she really likes them.

‌For this week’s torture room with majority, Surbhi was voted. Since she was a complete vegetarian and there was fish in the task so, she chose Romil for this task. After Romil went, Sree and Jasleen were very much disappointed with Dipika and Srishty’s votes for torture-room (They voted for Jasleen).

– Priti Saha

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