“Sansani Secrets” task continues & secrets of the housemates are out one by one. Shiv wins the task & becomes the Fizz Captain of this week. Saba is being misunderstood by Deepak & Surbhi for manipulation. Most of the members discuss about members for sending to “Kaal Kothri”.

People were discussing that Surbhi smoked in the toilet, Jasleen witnessed it. Deepak rebukes Surbhi for lying him, Surbhi keeps on defending herself. She shouts at everyone. Khan sisters & Srishty try to calm her.

Jasleen gets into an argument with Saba as the latter defends Surbhi. Surbhi gets mad and mocks everyone in the house by singing songs, she becomes a reason for non-stop laughter. Romil explains Surbhi for not reacting in this way.

While choosing prisoners, Anup says that Surbhi should not be sent to jail, she should be thrown out of the house. Surbhi, Sree & Romil are chosen with the votes of housemates.

Shiv, being the captain gets an opportunity to replace one of the prisoners so, Shiv replaces Romil with Dipika. Hence, Surbhi, Sree & Dipika become prisoners for this week. Sree gets hyper with Shiv’s decision. – Sreetama Thakur

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