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Written Update Of Bigg Boss 12, Episode 10-Day 9

Housemates on Tuesday got to perform another luxury budget task which was named as, “Samudri Lootere”. It was related to underwater journey. The task was between Jodis and Singles that turned into a lot of arguments, fights, torture, but all this mess is a part of the Bigg Boss house. There was 4 golden rings. At first, Singles would perform & save one each ring for their team by undergoing the tortures of the Jodis till Bigg Boss stops their time of sitting on the throne. Same would be for the Jodis on the next day. At the end, the group having more no. of rings would win.

Housemates were too excited about the new task. However, Sreesanth was a bit funnily confused and upset at the craziness being shown by the other contestants. Before the luxury budget task, Kriti Verma, Khan sisters (Somi Khan and Saba Khan) were planning their strategies. Then began the real drama, the singles were tortured with cruelty, but still with all those tortures on one side Nehha Pendse won the first round. Sree commented in anger that he’s gonna slap Saba as she was behaving inhumanly with Nehha. Saba demanded apology from him at the end of the task.

Nehha Pendse then was trying to calm down Srishty after she got emotional due to the happenings in the task. She couldn’t fight for long & gave up the task as her eyes were hurt badly.

Now finally with this new Luxury Budget task, there began some fun and intense fights.

Already upset with the task, Sreesanth was getting angry while Nehha & Dipika were trying to make him understand.

Dipika also lost as she moved from the chair. Bigg Boss told that the decision will be entirely of the Sanchalaks (Kriti & Roshmi). The captains announced that Dipika has lost the task as she moved to save herself from the flow of water thrown to her.

KV sat on the throne at last. He was very strong & won his part. Deepak had an argument with Saurabh as he protested the way of torturing the Singles. Saurabh lost his cool for the first time.

So, it was equal. Two rings with Jodis & two with singles.

 Roshmi Banik, Jasleen Matharu and Saba Khan had already started planning their strategies for the second half of the game. Shiv, Jasleen, Roshmi & Kriti were hiding shampoos, etc.. to save themselves from being tortured with those by the Singles on the next day.

– Sayantan Pathak.

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