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Written Update of Bigg Boss 12- Episode 54-Day 53

The wake-up song was played for Diwali and people got very emotional for their families. Deepak gave back the key of the jail to Sree. In this special occasion of Diwali, Oppo F9 with Vooc first charging¬†was given as the best gift to the housemates. They would receive a Diwali video message which came from their houses. Housemates got really excited. After Bigg Boss played short voice messages for KV, Shiv and Surbhi, he called them in the activity area. And once again Bigg Boss didn’t waste the opportunity to prove himself brutal. He said among this three people only one would see the full video Message and the decision would be taken with those three people mutual agreement. Without any argument Shiv and KV left this opportunity for Surbhi. Surbhi’s mother gave her the sweetest Diwali message and also her nephew and sister-in-law greeted her Happy Diwali. Next Jasleen, Somi and Megha called for activity area. Since Jasleen’s father was not really happy about her relationship with Anup and after leaving the show, Anup Ji also denied their affair. So they chose Jasleen and left the Activity area. Despite all the controversies, Jasleen’s father talked with her with all love and affection. Jasleen thanked Megha and Somi with all her hearts and hugged them. When Deepak, Sree and Rohit went for activity area they chose Deepak for the video message. Deepak’s mother, father and sister gave him the loveliest and purest wishes, which showed their family bondings and Deepak broke into tears. The last three people were Romil, Dipika and Srishty. Because Romil had a little kid and a long time of period he was away from him, so before going to the activity area Dipika and Srishty made their mind for Romil and Dipika took his words that he will not argue. But after Srishty and Dipika left the activity area, Romil told her that he will love to give this opportunity to Somi. The most selfless person KV was very proud of him and said he was the true star. Romil came to Dipika and Srishty to clarified his thoughts and they were okay with that. One of the famous Numerologist Sanjay Jumaani came in this show and shared little pieces of advice for them. Jasleen was very straightforward so he told her to be little gentle. He told Dipika that this year not only Deepika Padukone’s name, her name also stand in the headlines. At the age 37, Megha will get some good opportunities. This is the best year for Sreesanth and he suggested him to think practical and go for the creative world. The housemates arrange a small Diwali Puja in the house. After the Puja ended, Bigg Boss played some dance number and they danced joufully. Srishty and Rohan had a conversation where Srishty was very angry over Rohit. Somebody told her Rohit said, she was there for Rohit. But Rohit totally denied and said he never said that. Later Srishty asked if somebody told him something like this. Rohit said after eviction somebody told him and now he would not took the name. So Srishty gave her options between Sree and Dipika and he said the statement was by Sree. Srishty was very disappointed and her trust for Sree’s were totally broken. As everybody knows Deepak has a very soft corner for Somi, so she asked Romil why he gave this idea to him. He really need this. When Somi came Romil told that was Deepak’s idea and within seconds Somi got the lie. -Priti Saha
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