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Written Update of Bigg Boss 12- Episode 55- Day 54

All the housemates woke up to the song of “Do Dhari Talwar yaa” and Sristy showed her sexy dance moves. As the day starts, it was seen that Sree was talking with Deepak how KV tried to brainwash others against him. Seeing Sree and Deepak spending time together, Surbhi felt bad that she ever tried to plot Deepak against Sree. Megha asked Sree in awe and astonishment about why he supports her. Sree plainly answered that he supports her for who she is and not Dipika because she always runs behind KV. He also told her about his former life where he struggled a lot and a lot about pointing fingers at him.


He also hinted that KV pointed his fingers at him in this game. The day goes on and Dipika comes in to say that Sree’s captaincy has ended and so a new captaincy task is awaiting. KV, Romil, Somi and Megha are asked to fight for this position. In the garden area, four zones are created within a square where red, yellow and blue were marked as the borders. The top four, during each round, will have to walk around each defined zone with a bowl in their hands, filled with colored water. They had to strategically drop the levels of water in the opposition’s bowl. The buzzer would ring after each round, and the one with the least amount of water will be eliminated.


Dipika became the Sanchalak of the game. All the players started their strategies. Deepak and Romil starts planning as such to remove KV from the game because they feel he is the strongest competitor in this game. While Sree asked Deepak to save Somi’s bowl but hearing this, Surbhi asked why such change of stance because he said sometime ago that he supports Megha. Sristy tells KV that they need to remove Romil from this task.


The tasks finally starts. Everybody got busy with throwing each other’s bowl. Dipika kept shouting at them to calm down. Dipika eliminates Megha from task and Somi lost her temper and threw everything in anger. House was chaos while everyone was arguing with one another. Megha and Somi were pointing fingers at each other. Dipika told Bigg Boss that Romil pushes Megha. While Romil tried to clear his stance, Megha kept on blaming him. In mid of this crisis, Bigg Boss interrupted. Dipika explains that Megha’s bowl was empty where as Somi’s bowl was broken. Thus, she exempted Somi from the task. Happy Club was not at all happy with the decision.


As soon as this happened, it was seen that Sree asked Megha to join hands with KV since Romil will be angry at her now. The task again continued while the housemates, especially Sree kept on pointing Dipika that she is unfair with her decisions. Karanvir finally wins the task.


Happy Club was not happy with the decision and blamed Dipika to collude with her friendship with KV. Sree tells that Megha is a superstar for him because she completed her task and called Dipika, a cheater to plot everything. KV went to Sree to ask for forgiveness but Sree said that he doesn’t need his sorry.


KV appreciated the bond of Happy Club and got emotional and cries.  Deepak tried to pacify him though. On the other hand, Surbhi and Jasleen were seen to be talking about Sree behaviour. Jasleen told the latter that Sree is using people according to his own benefit.


The chaos dimmed for a bit. Happy Club was seen to get emotional by a song sung by Surbhi Rana.


Bigg Boss surprised them with some delicious food. Housemates got all excited seeing such yummy food. Rohit takes some food to feed Sristy. He later takes some more food, because of which, Megha and Dipika accused him of stealing food. Rohit got angry with such allegations and he said that he won’t have his food. Rohit and Sree were very upset with such behaviour.


Dipika and Jasleen made some bands for Happy Club. They appreciated their bonds and strength. Surbhi got emotional seeing such kind gestures. Dipika and Megha cries while the other happy club members hug them. Sristy, seeing this, commented that Dipika is a drama queen. She asked Shiv why they are crying.


After sometime, it was seen that while Surbhi, Deepak, Somi and Romil were discussing something, Surbhi and Romil got into an argument. She accused him for staring at others. Everyone tried to pacify Surbhi but she was too angry to be contained. Romil walks away while Surbhi cried and then slept away.


Other housemates found this quite funny but Romil said that they were just stressed about the eliminations. Somi tried to make Surbhi understand but she got angry and again, started crying. Somi tries to go and talk with Romil but he declared that he will never talk with her. Also, he was thinking and not staring.


So is this the end of Surbhi and Romil’s brother-sister bond? Who will be finally eliminated?


-Oindrila Majumdar

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