Shiv comes out of the bungalow after Dipika plans strategies. Sree & Deepak again fight verbally. Sree quarrels with KV. With the gong, nobody wants to use their tickets. Srishty tries to coordinate. So, Jasleen comes out of the bungalow.

KV argues with Jasleen & Shiv is also upset with her. Bigg Boss announces that the luxury budget task is paused for the day & nobody can change their positions. KV talk with Megha about Sree while Sree & Shiv discuss about KV. Happy Club members decide what can be done for wining the task.

Dipika approaches Happy Club members for support as she & KV want to become contenders for captaincy. They plan their strategy. Megha plans her strategy with Sree. Jasleen joins them. Deepak gets into the main house. Happy Club members & Dipika decide to make KV one of the contenders.

Surbhi wants to get inside the main house but others stop her.Finally, everyone agrees. Next KV & Megha want to go. So, they both reach the spot after the gong. Srishty takes the decision of sending Megha instead of KV.

KV is upset with Srishty while Sree mocks him. They both get into a nasty argument. Dipika, Srishty & KV plan another strategy for wining the game. Rohit, Jasleen, Sree & Shiv taunt Deepak. With the next gong, KV re-enters the bungalow.

Deepak had hidden the jail’s key few days back so, Sree confronts him but he disagrees. Bigg Boss calls Sree inside the confession room. While going, he abuses Deepak. He tells Bigg Boss that he can’t continue with so much disturbances. Bigg Boss explains him. Dipika & Rohit’s decisions clash so, Sree supports Rohit.

Srishty accepts Dipika’s ticket. “Yahan Wahan” task ends with the win of bungalow’s members (KV, Megha, Romil & Somi). Everyone celebrates KV’s birthday. Shiv gifts him a jacket. Deepak gets emotional because of Sree’s change in behavior. Sree tries to console him.

– Sreetama Thakur

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