The episode starts with an argument between Deepak and Sree about the last night’s nominations. Deepak calls him fake while Dipika asked KV to focus in his own game. She advised him not to get affected by Sree’s deeds or words. On the other side, Somi and Surbhi were seen discussing who was right and who was wrong. While Deepak and Surbhi were defending Shiv, telling that he was not wrong, Somi asked Surbhi not to support her friend.

As Sree nominated all the Happy Club members so that atleast one member gets eliminated, Happy Club was not so happy. They decided to target Sree and thus tortured him in various ways. Deepak and Romil targeted him. Surbhi annoyed him with her irksome behaviour.

Deepak was mad with Sree and that’s why he gave his bracelet back to him. Shiv told them that he too had given his bracelet to Sree. Deepak was quite emotional. He removed his bandage to show that even though he was injured, he performed all his tasks, unlike Sree.

While people were busy plotting and targeting, Dipika breaks the pot and nominates Surbhi. In no time, Surbhi was angry with Dipika.

Happy Club promised to take revenge from Wolf Club. They promised to destroy the club.

The most shocking scene of tonight was KV joining hands with Happy Club. He told Romil and Deepak that he will too help them for destroying other’s happiness.

Happy Club starts their agenda by starting away with Dipika. Romil, Surbhi and Deepak accused Dipika of taking the whole credits of making Sree the captain of the house. Dipika didn’t revert back to such accusation but told Shiv that KV should not be trusted anymore because he has joined hands with Happy Club.

Romil and Deepak were not done with Sree. They continued poking him and in no time, they were into a heated argument.

In the middle of all this chaos, Bigg Boss finally announced the final list of nominated contestants. They are Somi, Deepak, Romil and Surbhi.

KV tells Shiv not to trust Sree because he first takes the support of people and later targets them. Deepak hid the Kaal Kothari key and announced that it’s the task of the captain to take care of such things. Sree couldn’t take anymore and cry. He told Bigg Boss that he can’t continue in this game if the same thing goes on.

Next day starts with Bigg Boss playing “Idhar Chala mein”. Everybody wakes up with a gloomy heart but KV and Sristy danced their hearts out. Sree complained about Romil and Surbhi that they are breaking rules by sleeping, even after the wake-up call.

The Happy Club got busy discussing on how to target others. Somi told them that he will target Shiv and Sree. Surbhi decided to target Jasleen and within no time, started her work.

She taunted Jasleen by singing “Main Kya Karoon Ram Mujhe Buddha Mil Gaya”. Jasleen got furious and they both locked head into a heated argument. Deepak and Surbhi accused her of having no identity of own. Deepak didn’t stop there but called her “Gold-Digger”. He asked even KV that if he dates someone for 4-5 years, will that person have the right on his property?

Shiv was not someone to sit back. He targeted Somi by mocking her about her stammering. Somi couldn’t take the insult and broke down into tears. Surbhi advised her to irritate Shiv. Somi blocked him while he was trying to do his workouts.

While Deepak, Surbhi and Somi were busy targeting Jasleen, Megha tried to intervene. Surbhi asked her to be fair and not to judge people that easily. Romil comes to defend Jasleen. He asked Deepak not to create such issue. Jasleed was heartbroken while Deepak gets sad.

Dipika tried to pacify Jasleen and asked her to remain unaffected by other’s words. Jasleen cried telling how housemates are making fun about her personal things. Somi and Surbhi decided not to talk with Jasleen.
Deepak gives the “Chachi” tag to Megha. He said that KV is no more the Chachi of the house.

Bigg Boss announced the Budget task “Yahan Wahan” of this week. Two differed setups were set in the garden area. There were two tickets for each contestant. Once the gong rang, they need to enter either house and shred the ticket which they used.

Sristy became the ‘Sanchalak’ of the game. After a lot of strategies, they started to play the game. Rohit was shocked when he saw that KV has changed his team. Wolf-pack discusses their plans and strategies.

Surbhi irritates Sree while the Happy Club vow to make the contestants of Wolf Club miserable.

Sree and KV again at loggerhead. Sree tells Shiv that he is shocked to see everyone’s change of attitude. KV stated that what he is inside the house is the same as how he is outside the house. He is not fake. After that, he started ignoring Sree.

Megha and Rohit walked out of the task by giving their tickets to Sristy. Meanwhile, Sristy tried to take some ghee while Sree stopped her from doing so. She gets upset with such behaviour.

Happy Club discusses their new strategies and plans. 

Sree tells KV to do household chores but KV denied to do so. Sree was annoyed and told him that he will nominate him for Kaal Kothari punishment and won’t get any food.

The episode ended but not in a happy not. Today was sour and bitter. Some tried to take some masks off, some tried to wear some. But only one will remain and win in all this chaos. Who will finally sustain through such hardships?

To know more, stay tuned.

-Oindrila Majumdar

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