After this week’s double eviction, there is sadness in the house but everyone knows from now onwards, this game ain’t slowing down. It was seen that Megha was discussing with Romil about how she will never support a person if they are wrong and only wants to be with like minded people, when Jasleen and Somi were hugging each other, crying, sharing the loss of their respective partners.

Like us, the housemates have witnessed how Deepak has a soft corner for Somi. Romil took one opportunity and pulled Somi’s leg by teasing her with Deepak’s name. She got irritated and asked him to know his limits. But who is going to stop Romil from having his fun? He continued.

Though Deepak does confess dejectedly that he feels bad when Somi tells others that she feels uncomfortable with being linked with Deepak. And when there’s such spiced up romance is going around the house, there will be teasings and gossips. Shristy and Rohit were making fun of Deepak about how he told Shristy about his feelings for Somi, in the initial days. They were found whispering away while they realised how Deepak once named Surbhi by calling Somi, accidentally.

Well, it was definitely an accident. Or was it not? 

In the mean time, Shristy spills some beans about her love story. She claimed that she is in a relationship of Manish Naggdev, who last starred as Adarsh Thakur in the serial ‘Begussarai’, for the past four years.

Now, that’s something interesting!

Bigg Boss is not only about tasks, fun and fighting but only mind games and strategy. After completion of a month, we can safely say that all the housemates are now busy chalking their game plans to survive in the house.

It’s all about strategies and all are aware of it.

Romil, Surbhi and Somi were seen discussing Megha’s game plans. She is not a weak contestant and they know it.

On the other side, Megha and Jasleen were busy talking about Romil’s strategy. Megha is quite an intelligent being cause she has roughly guessed that Romil is trying to get all the housemates to nominate her.

The day ended but everyone knew before they sleep that there are days coming in future when sleep will be luxury.

Another day starts with “Aapka kya hoga Janabe ali”. The contestants danced to their full while Bigg Boss was waiting for them with a twist in the game.

The time came for the nomination.  Here’s the twist, they won’t be nominating them to eliminate but to save. Also, not one but they need to save two contestants.

Bigg Boss asked the contestants to go the confession room one by one and give their nominations.

Megha goes first and nominates Somi and Deepika. Shiv saves Shree and Jasleen while KV saves Shristy and Urvashi. Somi saves Surbhi and Romil. Dipika saves KV and Shree. Urvashi saves Shristy and Shree. Rohit saves Romil and Surbhi. Shristy saves Urvashi and KV while Shree saves Dipika and Shiv. Jasleen saves Shree and Shiv. At last, Surbhi who swears by her friends chose to save Romil and Somi.

After all the nominations, KV, Shiv, Megha, Dipika, Rohit, Urvashi, Jasleen, Shristy and Shree were nominated for elimination. But Bigg Boss was still not done. He gave Deepak a special power as he is the captain to eliminate one more contestant for the elimination. After contemplating for some time, he nominated Sree.

The eliminations were done but not the game. All the housemates started discussing who nominated whom. There was a huge confusion about Sree’s vote. Did he save Jasleen or Dipika? While all these talks were going on about Sree, Urvashi was affected by Deepak’s ignorance. Shristy advised her to talk to him about this directly while on the other side, Surbhi was telling Deepak to confess his feelings for Somi.  One sided love or just a love triangle? We will see that soon.

Finally, they come to know that Sree nominated Dipika and not Jasleen.

Surbhi was not ready to leave her friend Deepak in misery and decided to play the Cupid for him. She asked Somi to come as Deepak, who was hesitant to even look at her, wants to talk with her. After some time, he does confess his feelings but Somi breaks his heart by “Friend-zoning” him. Later on, Urvashi comes to sort out with Deepak but he tries to avoid her.

In mid of all the chit-chats, Bigg Boss announces the next task, asking Surbhi, Somi, Romil and Deepak to rank the contestants from The Most ‘Layak’ to The Least ‘Layak’.

They tag Sree as no.1 while KV got the 2nd and Dipika, 3rd. Jasleen, Megha, Shiv, Shristy and Urvashi followed suits, respectively. Most of them were not happy with their ranks and fought verbally defending their stances. KV and Jasleen fought amongst themselves for 1st position.

After sometime, KV wanted to sort out things with Sree but he refused. Dipika too tried to make him understand but he was stubborn to not change.

After sometime, KV tells how Sree doesn’t respect anyone of the house.

When the whole house was in chaos, Bigg Boss announced that there will be two more entries in the house.

The door opened and there comes out, Shilpa Shinde who was the last season’s winner and Vikas Gupta of last season, known as the mastermind.

The game is not at its peak. Some are friends, some are enemies. Some are fake, some are real. Some are ready to shield, some are ready to backstab. But the question is, how will these people know the reality?

-Oindrila Majumdar

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