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Written update of Bigg Boss 12- EPISODE 43 – DAY 42

So the ‘Vaar’ of the weekend started with a surprise for the housemates. Yes, the most dreaded gift of Bigg Boss i.e double eviction. Of course, the house members had no idea about how many were about to say their goodbyes. 

Dipika, being the head of the kitchen from the beginning, she was very possessive about the kitchen but after Megha entered the house, she too put her hands in the kitchen. There was a cooking challenge between Megha and Dipika. Dipika made some egg dish and ‘Aate ka Halwa’ and Megha made a Marathi dish. With the majority of votes, Megha won the task and even, Salman tasted the food and gave his vote to Megha.

Then Salman told Dipika that according to the audience poll on Voot app, most of the people want Dipika to clean the bathroom and she agreed to that. And Deepak and KV to handle the kitchen. Here, he made some fun of Shiv because of his bad performance as a ‘ Sanchalak’.Then, there were some questions raised on Deepak’s captaincy as some of the the members were not following what he asked them to do.

Rohit got some compliments because of his looks. Yes, we all know that he has a really pretty handsome face! Salman and the housemates tease Rohit and Survi. Survi said that she has a boyfriend outside the house and she was just giving Rohit casual compliments. Salman asked Rohit to sit on a heart-shaped chair and asked him to choose a female housemate to sit with him there. He chose Shristi. When everyone was asking Somi to seat with Rohit, Deepak got a little jealous and insecure. Well, now we all know that Deepak has a soft corner for Somi. Salman told Deepak to bring some rotten eggs from the store-room and they had a task to do. So the task was a bit fun, Salman would tell a housemate a statement about them and the particular housemate have to guess who had commented it and crack the egg on the second person’s head. Some housemates guessed it right and some guessed it wrong.  Deepak smashed the egg on Soumi’s head, Sree did it on Shiv’s head, Jasleen did it on Saba and Survi’s head. Though Survi had some problems with eggs, she showed a sportsman spirit and allowed Jasleen to smash the egg on her head. Dipika smashed it on Sree’s head. Megha smashed the eggs on Rohit and Romil’s head. Here, Salman revealed to Urvashi that none of the house members talks about her! She is never a topic for someone to discuss. Then Salman tells that Anup ji is going to leave the house as he got the least number of votes. Jasleen bade him a teary goodbye.

Then the ‘Sultani Akhada’ started and the war between Happy club Vs Wolf Pack started. Three members of each team were supposed to take part. Deepak, Survi and Romil came from Happy Club and Jasleen, Sree and Shiv came from Wolf Pack.

The first round was between Survi and Jasleen, they had to prove by providing logics that why there team is better than the opponents.

Survi won the first round against Jasleen.

And Survi also won against Jasleen in wrestling. Between Romil and Sree, Sree wins and Shiv wins against Deepak. As there was a tie Salman asked Romil to fight against Sree where Sree again wins and the Wolf Pack wins the task.

Salman said there will be a double eviction and since Saba got the lowest votes, she had to leave the house. Somi, Survi, KV bade her a teary goodbye. Sree tells Rohit that when he entered the house and kissed Shiv some of them thought that he’s a gay. Then Rohit clears it that he’s straight and he had dated Miss India in the past.

  – Trisha Saha

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