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Written update of Bigg Boss 12, Episode 42-Day 41

In this Weekend Ka Vaar, Salman was very much disappointed with the housemates behavior. He entered the house through Panasonic OLED T.V and straight came to the point. He asked the housemates, according to them, who deserved to be in the Khalnayak Chair. By majority they chose Deepak, but Salman himself declared, “I will send Sreesanth to the chair”. In yesterday’s episode, Sree was enraged by the housemates’ decision to send him in the jail.

Next morning, he started fighting with Deepak and indirectly he said, “This show is a class yaar. From yesterday I was saying this is the world’s worst show, but today I am saying this is the best show. When I go in car, I give 1 rupee, 2 rupees to some people, those people get the chance to be in the show and they can seat with me, eat with me, lie with me, its ok! Let them rejoice for this 2-3 months”.

Salman said this is the reason he sent Sree in that chair and clarified that there’s no discrimination done in this show. After Salman was gone, Dipika explained to the housemates, she was not supporting Sree but since he was upset so, her attention went towards him. Sree locked himself in the toilet and broke down in tears. In this whole incident, Shivasish proved himself dumb by continuously supporting Sree.

Salman came back and started talking about captaincy task. In that task, shiv was the coordinator and Salman said, “Shiv is the worst host of the century”. Surprisingly, when the captaincy task started Wolf Pack team was supporting Megha but eventually they changed their decision. Jasleen said because Megha just entered and grabbed Dipika’s position in the kitchen that’s why she is bit insecured. When Salman asked the same thing to Megha, she agreed to that.

When the first wildcard entry, Rohit entered in the show many housemates talked about his sexual preference. Salman showed a clipping where KV was gesturing his hands and indirectly trying to say that he was gay. In the bathroom area, Shiv and Jasleen joked about sexuality. Sree questioned why he was wearing purple shorts and started acting like a gay.

Salman was very ashamed by this incident and warned every single person not to repeat it. Shivashis had no regret for this, he was smiling, Rohit burst out in anger. When Sree called him ‘baby’, Rohit said that he will slap on his face with Sree’s own shoe.

At the end of the episode, Salman cracked another shocking announcement. This week there will be a double eviction and the housemates have no clue about it. – Priti Saha

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