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Written update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 41-DAY 40

Jasleen feeds 5 chillies to Deepak & he vomits. Rohit feeds sauce to Megha. Deepak takes away the glass & tries to drink but Rohit stops him. Megha drinks it finally. Romil feeds karela juice to Megha & she pukes out. She wails. Everyone asks her to quit & praises her.

With red signal, Romil feeds Megha water. Srishty manipulates Rohit to step out of the Happy Club. Megha quits after Deepak & Romil give her assurance of supporting her in next captaincy task if she becomes one of the contenders & Deepak becomes the new Fizz captain. Deepak & Surbhi talk about Urvashi’s selfish behavior. Sree gossips about KV with Dipika.

He states that KV isn’t showing his real personality & faking out a character in the house which he isn’t in real life. Anup says that 8 people of their group will not follow Deepak’s orders. Sree advises Deepak to command & get the work done. Anup, KV, Srishty, Dipika, Jasleen, Urvashi & Shiv discuss not to perform any task that will be given by Deepak & start Boycott Movement. Sree doesn’t give clear answer to Shiv about their decision. When Deepak distributes the tasks, argument starts.

Shiv gets hyper & yells at the captain. Dipika & Sree explains Deepak that he should change his attitude towards Urvashi especially during task. Dipika becomes emotional & cries in-front of Urvashi. Srishty cries in-front of KV due to Sree’s change of decisions frequently. Surbhi taunts Jasleen. Sree, Rohit & Romil make fun in the garden area & decide the members to be sent for “Kaal Kothri”. Jasleen sheds tear & Anup motivates her.

Bigg Boss announces that the procedure of choosing prisoners will be different this time, the 1st 3 members who’ll go inside the confession room can select one each member for imprisonment. Shiv, Saba & Rohit choose Romil, Shiv & Sree, respectively. Deepak is given the chance to replace one of the members for Kaal Kothri & he replaces Jasleen with Romil.

Jasleen gets into argument with Surbhi. Sree says that he will not go to the prison. Shiv explains Sree to go into the prison. Sree agrees to go. He tells that Bigg Boss is the worst game show & takes off the mic. Bigg Boss orders him to wear the mic. Sree agains gets into an argument with Surbhi. Somi & Rohit talk about Srishty trying to impress Rohit. – Sreetama Thakur

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