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Written update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 40-DAY 39

At the end of “BB Poultry Farm” task, Megha has 3 eggs & KV has 2 eggs. Saba & Deepak win the contender-ship of captaincy but Saba can’t become the captain so, she can choose any one amongst the farmers. She chooses Somi. Hence, Megha, Saba & Deepak become the contenders for captaincy task. KV talks to the camera emotionally as he felt left out in the last game. Romil comforts KV.

Dipika tries to sort things with KV, Srishty joins. Sree asks Megha to win the captaincy task as they want her to win. He also adds that if Deepak or Somi becomes the captain, none of them will do any household works. Dipika asks Sree to talk with KV as he’s upset. Megha tells Romil to play together & control their “Happy Club”. For captaincy task, a train is set up in the garden area with a platform & a stall.

The contenders will be passengers & other members will be the sellers. Once the letter is read, the contenders have to run & take their positions in the train. This will continue until two contenders get down from the train. When the signal turns red, it means the train stops at a station & one seller can get inside the train with any good or bad thing for the opponents of the contender whom he/she supports. With green signal, the sellers have to get down. Shiv is the coordinator.

The sellers argue as Sree makes a solution of the bad things like egg, chilli, etc.. Few support him. Bigg Boss calls Shiv & explains that mixture isn’t allowed, one seller can take one thing at a time & he has to mention the name of the food he’ll use. Only eatables are allowed. The members who were supposed to support Megha are supporting Somi so, everyone is changing their preferences.

Rohit gets inside the train & feeds Megha. Romil feeds water to Megha. KV feeds chilli sauce to Deepak. Srishty feeds chillies to Deepak & Sree feeds him honey. Urvashi feeds karela to Megha. Rohit feeds chilli sauce to Megha. She pukes.  Srishty feeds Somi. She also vomits. Rohit feeds Somi. Sree feeds chillies to Somi, she pukes everything. Romil rubs honey on Somi’s hands, Dipika & others confront him. Somi gives up.

– Sreetama Thakur

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