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Written update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 39-DAY 38

So, today’s episode started with all plannings! The house members were very much interested in this captaincy task! Everyone was planning to make their favorite ones win. Meanwhile, Srishti tolf Rohan that majority of the house did not want him to be the captain. And Srishti also asked him to keep this conversation secret.

Rohan came and discussed his game plans with Romil. Romil told him that Deepak might have the same game plans, Rohan said, “Toh woh bhi sonche”. Then Romil called Deepak. Rohan, Deepak and Romil discussed their game plans together. And Srishti told Urvashi to sort every problem out between her and Deepak as Deepak might help them in winning. But Urvashi told, “Woh jaa ke baitha hai bher bhakriyon main”. The next morning started with the song “Bachke rehna re baba, Bachke rehna re…”

Everyone was still busy in planning. Urvashi was very upset and about to cry, even in the morning she was crying. Saba told Deepak to go and talk to Urvashi. Deepak and Saba were discussing their views on KV. Deepk said, he pitied KV. Saba said, she hates KV as he targeted her many times without any reason. Deepak went and tried to talk with Urvashi.

He had a valid point that if she wanted to be the captain she should go and talk with the rest of the members. But Urvashi was being stubborn. She wouldn’t go and talk with anyone. In her words, “Woh nahi aaye mere pass toh mai kyun jayu!”. Deepak and she had a big fight. Deepak broke her sipper bottle and left.

Rohan was very clear that he wouldn’t out Srishti from the game. Rohan got the first egg, he threw Anup ji out of the game. Anup ji apparently had no such problems, he didn’t wanted to perform in the sunlight. Rohan got the second egg too. This time he threw Somi out of the game. Somi got hurt. After that Saba and Somi had a little fight, as Somi thought, Saba always tried to help others and that caused harm to themselves. The third egg was taken by Deepak, and surprisingly he kicked Srishti out of the game. Srishti got angry and left the garden area.

She was surprised, because she was playing for Urvashi, and Deepak was also playing for Urvashi. So for her it was weird. Deepak got the next egg and this time, he removed Rohan from the game. Meanwhile, Urvashi came and said sorry to Deepak. Primarily, things were sorted out between them. Deepak said that he would try his best to make Urvashi captain.

Now shockingly Survi got the next egg, she picked Deepak’s photo to smash, but at the end moment she removed Urvashi out of the game. Survi said, she was trying to make Deepak understand the importance of captaincy. KV and Survi had a little fight over this matter. Survi said, Deepak and she are friends, so she had a justified right to tease him, and KV had no right to judge her actions.

After this Deepak was very clear that he would play for himself only. Urvashi was a little bit disappointed. Then, Srishti came and fighted with Deepak. After their fight, Megha came to KV’s rack and tried to give him mental support as he was standing alone.

Even, Deepak, Survi and Saba said that they felt bad for KV. There’s none standing near him. Meanwhile, Megha left her rack; KV came and stoles her eggs. Deepak, Romil and other’s came and snatch the eggs back from KV. KV could not save all the eggs and he had only three eggs left.

At the end of the episode, all jodi members came and hugged KV. KV said, he did not want to hug Deepak. All the members forced them to hug each other. And this episode ended with a group hug.

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