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Written update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 38-DAY 37

Deepak, KV, Shiv were discussing about Sree’s obscene gestures towards Saba. KV said, “If he did this, it is very wrong”. Shiv defended Sree and told Sree was using another finger. When Sree heard the conversation he said, “Today, I was not wrong”. After that Deepak and Sree had a cold fight over this matter.

In the bedroom area Srishty came to Surbhi and told Sree’s behaviour was very bad with her. In this case, She totally supported Surbhi. The new wildcard contestant Megha had a normal chit-chat with the other housmates. Where he called Deepak “confused atma” on his face, according to her Sree was a cry-baby. She considered Deepika as a smooth controller and Srishty was a blind-folded gamer, who doesn’t know how to play. In late night, Srishty started Nagin dance to irritate Jasleen.

Next morning Bigg Boss announced this week’s luxury budget task called BB poultry-farm. KV and Megha who would be the shopkeepers and aslo the hosts of the task. And other housemates would be the poultry farmers. In the garden area there was a special hen, which would give an egg when the bell rang. Which farmer would be succeeded to grab the egg, he or she had the opportunity to elimate any other farmer from the contendership of captaincy. In their shops they already had every contestant’s doll, they would collect the egg from farmer and in return they gave one contestant’s doll according to farmer’s choice. Between shopkeepers, who would collect more eggs, will be on of the contender for this week captaincy.

In the 1st round of the task Shiv succeeded to snatch the egg and gave it to KV. He eliminated Romil from the task. In the next round, out of excitement Shiv took the egg before the bell rang. Hosts declared him disqualified, but in between all this Saba stole KV’s egg from the shop. Srishty brought the 2nd egg for KV and eliminated Shib from the contendership. Again Saba stole the second egg but this time Dipika, Srishty, Saba, Surbhi came and started dragging each other. Deepika and Surbhi got physical injuries for the situation. So, due to physical violence the hosts decided to eliminate them. But Bigg Boss called them and said, they didn’t have the authority to eliminate any contestant from the task. Srishty was very upset with Sree, because whenever Jasleen and Sristi had a cat-fight, Sree always supported Jasleen. Sree came to her to console. So when the bell rang Sree was not there to play. In the round 3, Deepak grab the egg and eliminated Sree from the race of captaincy. Surprisingly, after giving the egg to KV, he took back that and gave it to Megha. Also the next round was won by Deepak, but when Surbhi wanted to play that round Deepak gave the egg to her. Surbhi gave the egg to KV and eliminated Jasleen.

Then, Khan sisters showed an issue, because majority of people were wondering to make Urvashi one of the contenders. Saba had an argument with Deepak and KV, where KV clarified, he really wanted to make her captain. The khan sisters now broke into the fight with Deepak. So finally Urvashi said, she didn’t want anyone’s support in this house. Deepak got hurted by her words and said, “From today I’m changing my decision. I aslo came alone and will play alone”. Urvashi accused Saba-Somi to break her partnership with Deepak. But as they always did, they completely denied and told she herself was the reason for their breakup. In the 5th round Deepak snatched the egg and eliminated Dipika. Srishty got injuried in the stretching of the egg.

– Priti Saha
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