Written update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 32-DAY 31

In this week’s luxury budget task, all the housemates were making strategy for who will be the next captain. Sree was back in his own behavior and tried to escape from Bigg Boss house.

Though the Jodis were broken but they still were playing as a team. So, the ex jodi members wanted to make Somi as a contender for captaincy. Jasleen was not consensus with the decision. According to her, they got enough chances, so this time she deserved to have the contender-ship.

In the 2nd day of luxury budget task, Deepak hid team Dipika’s horse cap. Without the cap, housemates would not be able to  perform for her. So, Dipika and KV decided to erase Deepak’s score board.

As a result, Deepak also erased Dipika’s board. Sreesanth entered in this matter and spitted on Deepak’s name. Surbhi broke in to anger and affronted him by saying, ” You’re not mentally stable”.

Romil taunted him and said, “Now he will say, I want to go home, open the door”. As Sreesanth did not follow any rules of the task, Deepak and Dipika decided to eliminate him from the task.

– Priti Saha.

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