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Written update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 31-DAY 30

The episode begins with Anup saying the housemates about their right & wrong moves in the game, how those are being portrayed, what do they need to do or not, etc.. He tells about Jasleen’s closeness with Saurabh & Shiv which might not be accepted by their families. Saurabh gets emotional after Anup pointed his mistakes.

Sree tells the truth of his eviction to Srishty. Sree, KV & Shiv plan their strategies to expose Dipika. Romil, Deepak, Somi & Saba explain Saurabh that he didn’t do wrong by giving massage to Jasleen, it’s common in friendship. Dipika clarifies Sree for taking his name in the eviction. Housemates decide to remove Dipika from the kitchen.

Bigg Boss announces the luxury budget cum captaincy task, “Ghora Gadi”. There are two horse-carts & 1000 carrots in-front of each. Deepak & Dipika will be the horse-driven vehicle riders while others will be horses. Deepak & Dipika will be of two different teams competing against each other and also coordinators of the game.

They will have to hire horses (other house mates) who’ll be freelancers & want to run a cart more than once. Carrots will be given to them as reward. They’ll have to run on the treadmill. The highest score on the treadmill owner (Deepak/Dipika) & the one with the highest no. of carrots will become contenders for captaincy task.

Since Saba & Srishty can’t become captains so, if either of them have the highest no. if carrots, then they’ll have a special power i.e, select one member to be contender for the captaincy task. Deepak cancels KV’s distance because he didn’t see the rating in the machine.

Surbhi & Deepak quarrel over their deal. Srishty steals carrots & gives to KV. Housemates steal Dipika’s carrots while she speaks with Srishty. Anup safeguards Deepak’s cart yet he allows Jasleen to steal carrots from the cart.

Romil comments when Sree was walking so, Sree gets angry & states that he’s not gonna be a part of this game. He decides to run away from the house.

– Sreetama Thakur

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