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Written update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 30-DAY 29

Urvashi says that Dipika told that she’ll make sure that the vegetarians get adequate food & Surbhi portrayed in a wrong way. Then begins a cute scenario of leg-pulling Deepak-Urvashi. Sree reacts that the housemates shouldn’t do this because it’s a family show & Deepak-Urvashi’s families might get affected by their fun.

He is seen to apologize for the mishap in his professional life.

He becomes emotional. Bigg Boss announces that from today onwards, there will be no more Jodis. All the players will play as individuals & compete against each other. Bigg Boss calls the Jodis one by one in the activity area & asks them to nominate one with mutual consent. Urvashi, Saba & Shiv get nominated.

Romil-Surbhi being captains don’t get nominated, they choose Saurabh instead of Shiv for nomination. Also, Surbhi remains the Fizz Captain of the week with their mutual consent. The Singles are asked to nominate 3 contestants with mutual decision.

KV, Jasleen & Srishty get nominated. Later on, they all regret for listening to Dipika & not taking stand for themselves. Urvashi is upset with Deepak’s behavior, she is being consoled by Dipika.

Anup & Sree plan their stories which they’re gonna tell after re-entering in the house. Anup enters at first & says that he was in Bigg Boss Guest House & watching all their moves. Sree enters & says that he was with his family at Khandala & watched them.

Dipika gets numb with Sree’s entry. Anup & Sree explain all the housemates about Dipika’s game plan & how she’s removing her competitors one by one.

The housemates are in shock. KV loses his cool after coming to know that they are being controlled by Dipika.

– Sreetama Thakur

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