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Written Update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 33-DAY 32

Sree clarifies Deepak about spitting on his board for erasing his name. Sree cries a lot inside the bathroom, Dipika tries to console him. Shiv & Romil take away carrots from Deepak before Khan sisters wake up. Saba argues with Saurabh regarding the no. of carrots.

At the end of the luxury budget task, Deepak had 34.06 km & Dipika had 33.2 km while Shiv had the highest no. of carrots. Deepak is upset with Urvashi for her behavior. Somi is angry at Romil & Deepak for their way of manipulation during the task. Sree gets into an argument with Romil regarding socket & charger. “Sansani Secrets” is the task for captaincy.

Time to time, a secret will be shown & the contenders (Shiv & Deepak) have to guess after investigation. After the gong, one of the contenders has to press the bell to answer at first. If he’s wrong, the other one will get an opportunity.

The housemates can guide or misguide the contenders. Surbhi is the coordinator. Today’s episode ends with Deepak & Shiv having two points each.

– Sreetama Thakur

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