The episode starts with Surbhi talking with Romil about all contestants. Deepak explains Urvashi to speak up for the right thing & take her partner’s stand. This saddens Urvashi so, Romil tries to comfort her while Deepak is comforted by Surbhi. Deepak talks with Romil-Surbhi about the mess regarding captaincy task. Anup watches Jasleen from out-house. Jasleen gets well acquainted with Shiv so, Anup is bit relaxed but he can’t get rid of Jasleen’s negative response to give away her dress & make-up in the task. He exclaims that may be Jasleen isn’t stressed of Anup’s eviction from the house.

There’ll be no nomination this week as Sree, KV & Nehha are already nominated.

Jasleen, Romil, Sree, Deepak & Saba play cricket so, Bigg Boss calls Romil in the confession room to warn about using & destroying Bigg Boss’ property. He scolds Romil to shoulder his responsibility wisely & pass on the message to the other members. Surbhi interrupts saying that she told them not to play. Sree gets hyper because he made the ball & Bigg Boss wanted it back so, he wants to quit. He destroys the ball. Romil gets into argument with Srishty for a silly reason. Sree abuses & blames Deepak & Romil for using his hand-made ball. He also apologizes for his bad language. He throws the mic & shouts that he won’t follow any house rules. Khan sisters & Romil laugh at him. Sree gets inside the washroom & throws things to calm down himself. He keeps on speaking in English.  Surbhi explains Sree that he shouldn’t react badly for each & every situation which goes against him. Anup supports Surbhi from out-house.

A task for captaincy is given to the contestants. A prison is created in the garden area. Somi, Deepak, Surbhi, Saurabh, Jasleen, Nehha & Sree will be prisoners while the others will be police. On every alarm, the prisoners will run away from the prison & try to cross the boundary wall. The contestant who won’t be able to do so will be out of the game. Only two police on duty will be in-front of the prison & try to stop the one they want to. There will be no coordinator in the beginning but the first contestant who’ll be out of the game is going to become the coordinator. Sree says that he’ll become the coordinator & make Deepak-Urvashi the next captains. Everyone plan their strategies. Deepak gets out. Sree doesn’t keep his words. Deepak becomes the coordinator. The contestants playing the role of police undergo argument regarding choice of two police for every round.

Surbhi gets hyper with the way KV stopped her. Romil stops Saurabh & eventually, he gets out. Romil does it in a wrong way by getting physical.

Dipika & Shiv stop Surbhi & she gets out.

Nehha tries to stop Somi but Srishty-Saba help Somi to run so, Nehha gets out.

Urvashi & Srishty stop Jasleen & she gets out but she gets hurt badly by falling near the pool.

Now, the game is between Sree & Somi. We’ll be able to watch it in the next episode.

– Sreetama Thakur

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