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Written Update of Bigg Boss 12-EPISODE 22-DAY 21

Today’s Weekend Ka Vaar started with a mesmerizing singing performance by our most favourite, Salman Khan.

The comedy queen, Bharti Singh came in Bigg Boss to promote her upcoming show, India’s Got Talent. Bharati entered the house as an astrologer and surprised all the housemates by her appearance. In all her little badinage, she tried to give short advice to all the housemates as a viewer. Bharti was very fond of Anup and she asked him to sing a song for her. After that, she called Deepak on the stage and told him to give a musical takkar to Anup. The entire house loved the performance very much. Then Bharti asked Nehha to come on the stage and she did a very hot pole dance. In Anup-Jasleen’s case, Bharti got little naughty. She told Jasleen to do pole dance but her poll would be Anup. Housemates really enjoyed the performance and with this note, Bharti left the house.

After Bharti left the house, Salman came to the house through T.V. Deepak told Salman that he made a song specially for our ‘Bhaijaan’. After listening to the song, Salman appreciated its tune.

The Appy Fizz Caller of the week called for Dipika. The caller asked that she had a conversation with Sree where Sree was telling her that he knows many outside things about Nehha and if Nehha got to know then she will definitely get upset. But being a very good friend of Nehha, Dipika did not tell this to Nehha. In her defence, Dipika said because she didn’t want to create any unnecessary confusion in the house and Sree was very specific with his words, he didn’t disclose the complete thing.

In the ‘Sultani Akhada’ task, Bigg Boss chose Deepak & KV to fight for the special power. The power was that the winner of the task will not do any more house-hold work. All his works will be done by the other participants. In the debate round, unexpectedly, Karanvir won, by the majority of votes. In Round 2 also, Karanvir won and got the media along with the special power.

Salman announced from this week a special part in Bigg Boss house would be opening. For this week, Salman sent Sree to this special room. Basically, there was a T.V screen where Sree’s wife & kids gave a special message for him. Watching all these clips, he got very emotional and thanked Bigg Boss with all his heart.

Bharti came to the stage with all her Jalwa & introduced herself as Mrs Khan. When Salman asked her for proof, she called 9 kids and they called Salman ‘Papa’. With all her punch lines & comedy timings, Bharati just won the stage.

 Srishty, Karanvir, Sreesanth, Anup-Jasleen were nominated. But this week, Bigg Boss gave a twist in the story. Salman said as a least voted jodi, Anup-Jasleen were getting eliminated. But outside the house, this jodi is very popular, loved and appreciated. So, Bigg Boss gave a very special chance, where one of them could continue the game & decision would be taken by the jodi themselves. So, Anup left the house & Jasleen continued to be in the game.

At late night, Romil & Deepak were discussing about Jasleen. Deepak said that Jasleen was very over-confident by their fan following. When Bigg Boss gave them a special chance, not for once Jasleen said that she will leave the show and let Anup stay. One day, she asked Romil if somebody is in a live-in relationship, would he or she get any right in his/her partner’s property?

When you are in Bigg Boss house, you will always expect the unexpected. So, Salman revealed that Anup was not going anywhere. He is in the secret room. He would see all the housemates specially Jasleen’s behaviour through the T.V screen.

– Priti Saha.

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