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Written Update of Bigg Boss 12, EPISODE 21-DAY 20

The episode starts with PARTNERS (Salman & Govinda) waking in the Bigg Boss outhouse.

They entertained us with their sense of humour.

A task is given to the contestants either to throw sandal or mud on the cut-out of Romil or Surbhi & give reason for it. Everyone throws mud except Shiv, Deepak & Urvashi.

Govinda’s upcoming film ‘FRYDAY’ is going to release on October, 12.

Romil is given the tag of ‘Topibaz’ and he also receives “Top Ki Salami”.

Surbhi sells Sreesanth Pressure Cooker, Dipika sells Surbhi Bomb, & Deepak sells Anup-Jasleen Chhuri (knife) & Kaddoo (pumpkin).

Sallu & Govinda play with each other guessing song’s name by listening to the music played by the Bigg Band. They also play “Sachh Bol Darwaja Khol”.

Salman clears out things related to Kaal Kothri’s choice of members and captaincy task. He tells that Nehha was unfair towards Somi in the task. Nehha is sent to the torture room this time.

Deepak, Shiv, Romil & Saurabh are discussing regarding change of hands by Shiv during captaincy task. Deepak gets involved in an argument with Saurabh. Jasleen-Anup rebuke Deepak.  Sree tries to comfort Deepak as he gets hyper.

Bigg Boss house becomes a battleground with members fighting amongst themselves.

– Sreetama Thakur.

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