The episode starts with Surbhi, Somi & Shiv competing for the captaincy task. Nehha disqualifies Somi in the task which leads Saba to throw her bottle & she rebukes Nehha.

Sree manipulates Saurabh for asking Shiv to quit the task so that Surbhi can win. Hence, Romil-Surbhi become the Fizz Captain.

Everyone is discussing about the members to be sent to “Kaal Kothri”.

Sree, Nehha & KV take their own names for going to jail as they were guilty & they realized their mistakes. Bigg Boss appreciates their honesty so, they three are sent to the “Kaal Kothri” this time by Bigg Boss. They are also nominated for next week by Bigg Boss so that they can rectify their mistakes & never commit those again!

KV is explaining Romil-Surbhi that Surbhi made a mistake while counting the votes for members to be sent to “Kaal Kothri”. Surbhi’s arrogant attitude worsens the situation. Sree gets hyper & has a strong verbal fight with Romil. Surbhi thinks that Sree spitted at her. But it wasn’t intentional so, Sree locks himself in the washroom as he was unable to explain himself. Surbhi is shouting, Deepak-Romil tries to console her. After some time, everyone is normal & enjoying but Deepak-Surbhi are gossiping against Sree.

Bigg Boss arranges a romantic date for Anup-Jasleen. All the male contestants will help Anup to get ready while same would be done to Jasleen by all female contestants. Jasleen-Anup go inside the activity area which was decorated magnificently by Bigg Boss. Anup sings a song to compliment his lady-love. They both have a lovely time together. They dance, Anup proposes Jasleen. It is such an elegant moment for the viewers as well! – Sreetama Thakur.

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