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Written Episode Of Bigg Boss 12, Episode 13 – Day 12

Dipika & Romil-Nirmal were chosen for “Kaal Kothri”. During the selection, Sree became emotional & again wanted to quit the show. Romil wasn’t ready to go into the jail. According to him, he gave his best to win the last task. Finally, he went after a lot of drama.

Dipika was upset with the house mates’ decision of sending her to prison.

Saba did “Kukur Ku” in Deepak’s ears  out of fun while he was sleeping. Without seeing her, Deepak pulled the scarf which had hurt Saba. Somi was rebuking Deepak. He apologized & clarified Saba for his unintentional mistake. Still Somi was shouting so, they both had an argument. Somi also scolded Saba for making fun with Deepak.

Bigg Boss announced the Captaincy task. Singles were given the opportunity to choose two competitors either from themselves or one from the Jodis. They chose Nehha & KV. By means of a cricket task, Nehha became the Fizz Captain & received two Fizz tees.

Dipika advised Nehha regarding distribution of the tasks.

– Sreetama Thakur.

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