Today’s episode (Bigg Boss) started with everyone talking about Srishty’s sleep walk. Romil & Saurabh joked with Jasleen & Kriti while they were doing make-up.

KV & Romil had an argument in kitchen, captains & Shiv also joined which resulted in abusive verbal fight between Shiv & Romil.

Romil advised Deepak to maintain good relationship with the Jodis’ team.

Jasleen went into the pool in a bikini & she looked so gorgeous. Deepak & Saurabh joined her.

Bigg Boss ordered all the contestants to act like statues. Vikas entered the house to tell ‘em about the perception of the viewers.

• Vikas told Nehha that she needs to be more active.

• Urvashi is his favorite & she should maintain her honesty.

• Vikas wanted Srishty to play in a way which should show that she wants to win the trophy.

• Sree is Vikas’ mirror-image but the difference is that Sree’s sportsmanship is lacking.

• KV is like an elder brother to Vikas. He should plan more strategies & set an example.

• Vikas made Somi sit beside Saba as they look good together & advised ‘em to balance everything.

• He told that Jasleen is being loved by the younger generation for her disclosure of their relationship on national TV.

• Since Anup is the most senior, he should have control of the house.

• Saurabh should show his personality else he shouldn’t have come on this show.

•  Romil should place his point of view in a positive way.

• Nirmal should take stand.

• Vikas is very happy as Dipika came in the show. She should lead in the house as she did be Simar.

• He took Kriti in-front of Roshmi & told that she is looking totally opposite to what she showed in the beginning & for her, Roshmi is getting victimized. She will lose for Kriti’s carelessness.

• Shiv was advised to keep calm.

• Deepak is very clever & became the country’s favorite. He plays very well & should maintain the continuity.

After Bigg Boss asked the members to decide the people for “Kaal Kothri”, most of them were taking Romil & Nirmal’s names as their way of playing in the last task wasn’t justified. In the meantime, this led to a hot argument between Sree & Romil-Nirmal.

– Sreetama Thakur.

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