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A Library and An Ideal Library

A Library and An Ideal Library


In the age of electronic development and convenience of e-books, the lure of the library remain unheard. The fulfillment one experiences going through the yellow pages of a book, or the enchanting smell of new books are no longer felt in the modern complexities. Nowadays, very few books are left open beside a cup of coffee, or on the bed table. Yet, a library is no less than a treasure hunt. The value of knowledge has never decreased in this era of digitalization.

A very wealthy collection of books make up an ideal library. Since books are not marked rich according to their prices, one should mark them according to their taste. So an ideal library must have few books catering to almost all the possible taste of readers. A library, to be an ideal one, must also follow a few guidelines, to focus on the ongoing problems of the world; and try to eradicate them from the roots, by giving away the proper solutions via education.

There are a few books that should find a place in a library, such as:
1. Books on vernacular, to promote the importance of mother tongue.
2. Books on the global language, that can help one to connect widely beyond one’s locality.
3. Religious books of all kinds, to focus on the much needed secularism, in a world of communalism.
4. Few classics from West and few from East, to show the interdependence and intermingling of the cultures.
5. Books discussing the basic rights of one, born as a human, to signify the importance of human birth.
6. Stories of fairies and demons should find a place, just like the books for adults to find a place on separate shelfs.
7. Books on our history and the geography of earth are as important as books of science and mathematics.

In this world of digitalization, digital libraries are promised a great future, hopefully. National Digital Library being one of it’s kind in India. Smart libraries with electronic devices providing library services and facilities are useful to a wonderful extent, and are hoped to be fruitful enough in inducing a habit of regular reading on-the-go.

One must know their roots, and for the purpose, books on vernacular and history will be of much importance. When a person is getting proper access to a library and is becoming learned, he/she should understand his/her self worth, and human rights must be a part of his/her learning. The calculated value of all religions must be equated to the theories of evolution of man. Darwinian concepts and the story of Adam-Eve, must be present for a reader to choose between. An ideal library is a treasure, where one can choose his/her desired wealth.

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