Anwesha with her first single

‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ changed her life drastically, she started getting playback oppurtunities, and got calls from other T.V shows, Radio shows. She was called from various places, national and international. Her identity as a singer received a great platform at ‘Sa Re Ga Ma Pa’ and she took time to move to a greater level.

Anwesha Dutta, with her new single ‘Tu Saath Mere'( is eager to cater with some wonderful songs to her fans. She claims to be one of us, the ordinary people, who is in a way entrusted to shower us with some enchanting treats for our ears. This responsibility seems to be showered on her when she won the big labels of various reality shows.
She aspires to see herself on a much higher level, the zenith; where she is yet to reach. That zenith of achievement will have a much developed Anwesha, which is her inspiration from the very beginning of her journey; she being her own inspiration.
She took out time after she won the shows, just to ensure that the best production is out with her debut single, and gift the audience the best she can.

Rik Basu and Anwesha Dutta came together to give their best in the song ‘Tu Saath Mere’. In the words of her co-singer Rik Basu, she sang the song without the slightest bit of accent going wrong; one would not consider her a Bangali when they hear her Hindi pronunciations. She wishes her solo tracks to be up in near future, and that is what she is looking forward to.
Composed by Rik Basu; and produced by both of them, mainly Anwesha, this song has so much of their energy and creativity. Rik feels it is only because of Anwesha that his composition could take a serious note and reach a wider audience. Rik also highlights that it is only Anwesha whom he visualised while composing the song. Partho Chakraborty has done a wonderful job in the production department, according to Anwesha. Though the financial aid was supported by Rik and her, yet Partho Chakraborty was the man who took notice of every little mistakes and problems and helped to create a perfect outcome.

Shadab Rayeen, the famous sound engineer who mixed songs like ‘Channa Mereya’, helped to enrich their song. Lyrics is given by Debabrata Biswas and sound re-recordists Vijay Dayal has done wonderful job all together. They have got great response with the teasers of the song and are expecting similar appreciation with the release of the main track.

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