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Interview of Ruhaanika Dhawan.

  1. How did you grab the role of ‘Aashi’ in Zee TV’s “Mrs. Kaushik Ki Paanch Bahuein”?


A: I used to live near Infinity Mall I, Mumbai. I went there on a regular basis. Somebody had spot me, there are people like that in Mumbai. My mother didn’t know about it at that time so, she went to him and he told that it’s for the Dettol ad. We did that ad and after that somebody gave me the chance to do the show.


  1. Is your journey in Bollywood till now a smooth one or you had to face hardships?


A: It was smooth. My journey started with the Dettol ad, from there I got the role of ‘Aashi’ and after it stopped, I gave the audition for “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” and I got selected, they wanted me only. My mother didn’t want me to bunk my school so, she said them that I’ll be shooting for Friday, Saturday and Sunday. It was very kind of them that they agreed to that. This is how it’s going on.


  1. In 2014, you appeared as a cameo in Salman Khan starrer “Jai Ho” and also bagged to play in “Ghayal Once Again”. Have you felt any differences between shooting for a soap opera and a film?


A: We have to shoot everyday for a daily soap but for the movie, we don’t have to shoot everyday.


  1. In “Yeh Hai Mohabbatein” who’s your favorite character?


A: I love everybody and everyone loves me also.


  1. Now, you’re portraying the role of ‘Pihu’ in YHM and earlier you appeared as ‘Ruhi’ so, what are the differences between ‘Ruhi’ and ‘Pihu’?


A: Um, the differences??!! Ruhi is a bit matured girl while Pihu likes watching T.V, she’s not so matured as Ruhi.


  1. As a child in this daily soap, you have gone through huge ups and downs in familial relationship, do you think that you can deal things so maturely in reality as well?


A: Yes, absolutely.


  1. We heard that something went wrong between you and Aditi Bhatia during the shoot of YHM. Was that true in any way?


A: It was just a gossip.


  1. How do you manage acting and studies together?


A: As I told you, I shoot only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Like now, I’m having my summer vacations so, I go to shoot regularly around 1 or 2 in the noon and pack up by 6 or 7 in the evening.


  1. You’ve also done modeling in a Barbie Attire as a showstopper for a fashion show. So, you’ve a knack for modeling also?


A: I’ve also done Lakmé Fashion Weeks in Mumbai & Delhi. Yes, I like modeling.


  1. Do you feel that you have any competitor(s) in this industry?


A: No.


  1. Any funniest incident in school or shoot that you want to recall?


A: I do have a lot of funny incidents but I can’t recollect any of those, now (laughs).


  1. Can we have a rapid-fire round, Ruhaanika?


(a) Going to school or shoot?


A: Both, because school is in one level while shooting is on another level.


(b) Action Heroes or Barbie Dolls?


A: Barbie Dolls.


(c) Your aim?


A: To become an actor, a designer and a singer.


(d) Places you wanna travel?


A: Oh, yes! You ask me to travel everyday, I’ll do so. Um, places are like America, New York, Florida, Jordan, Grassland, Antartica.


(e) What are the extracurricular activities you are involved in?


A: Singing, Kathak(dance), Skating.


(f) Favorite sports?


A: Football and Skating.


(g) Favorite food?


A: South Indian and Rajasthani.


  1. What’s up next?


A: Nothing, as of now.


  1. At this small age, you have won millions of hearts. Any message for your fans?


A: I love my fans and would ask them to keep watching me.


  1. Ruhaanika, you have many followers from LaughaLaughi. They are very excited about your interview. Any message to us?


A: Tell them that I’ll keep talking to them and I love all of them.


Journalist-Sreetama Thakur.

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