“The worst thing about loosing a dog is not having someone there to lick the tears away”

– Anonymous


The morning was not that bright as it seemed. In a fraction of seconds a darkness tightly wrapped me. Yes, the fear that engrossed me actually happened, she left us. My four pawed friend, my very own dog left me forever. I could hardly believe my eyes, everything elsewhere seemed faded. I ran to her and touched her, she was cold and calm. I felt a pain, a fear and I was broken. In my mind I asked her a thousand times that why did she leave so early but soon I realized 13 years was a long time for her.


I was 6 years old when I saw lakshmisree, she was like a snow ball or a white cotton ball with a pink nose and big round eyes. She was a gift by my grandfather. She would play around the house whole day long. It was my  7th birthday and I was playing with her, soon by my fault one of her legs got fractured. I was way too young to find out what was my fault, everyone scolded me, I was crying very hard. Suddenly there was something on my cheeks, yes it was lakshmisree licking my face, she was hurt but still she could not afford to see me crying. It was the very first time I realized how special she was to me. In a few weeks she got healed and became my partner in crimes.


Lakshmisree grew up soon and became a very matured pet. She would understand everything I said. She would come to me whenever I was sad and sat beside me continuously scratching my hand in order to ask what is wrong with me. I spent my childhood better with her. Along with lakshmisree I also had another pet bhutusree, but soon she died of tumor and lakshmisree became closer as well as dearest to me.


During a normal check up, doctor suspected lakshmisree suffering from malignant tumor and it turned to be the truth. But he assured me that she will be fine and provided with a date of operation. Many people around gave different opinions, some said she might not survive and some said to vaccine her till she dies but I was pretty sure I do till the end to save her. She was operated and was absolutely fine.


Little did I know, it was just the beginning of the hard times she was going to face. Day by day she was growing sick, weak and vulnerable but never lacked in her faithfulness. Suddenly few months back she stopped having her food, I tried to feed her in every possible ways but she just ignored. What broke my heart was when she refused to have sweets. Being a pup she would run after us if she found us having sweets. Soon the doctor prescribed saline and injections. Almost 2 months she was on saline and did not respond to it.


Ironically, it was a gray morning when I found she was no more, everything was going on, in my mind as a flashback. For a second I felt every single thing meaningless. Her cold body was just next to my bed, I was in a shock. I wanted this to be a nightmare but it was the bitter reality of every life, it is known as death. She was the best thing that ever happened to me and I wanted to keep her with me even if she was not there. A few hours later my brother took her to get buried. It was a long bad day and I wanted to overcome it but everything that came into mind was Lakshmisree. Tears were being shy in front of my pain.


Its been a lot of time that she is not with me but I miss her, I love her and I believe wherever she is, she is fine and right now she is smiling while she is watching me to write about her. But remember lakshmisree I am really very mad at you for leaving me like this and I just wanted to let you know how much special you are to me. I always needed you and wanted you by my side. Just one last thing ‘Please Come Back If Possible.’


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