It’s a tale, a pretty tale,
She was his heart beat ;
Her smile was his worthy jewel ;
She woke each morning with his call,
He made the breakfast with much ease.
Comfortably took her to school.
Each time she said, “Daddy cool!” . He fealt a spark.
Daddy was never cool for studies ,
But he was the most supporting friend she ever had,
“I will fail if I take chemistry ! ” she shouted of fear .
“You will not give a try ” was his request.
She did like a helpless soul and jumped into into his arms each time with good results.
He struggled the whole day walking here and there, but never hesitated to fulfill her demands;
“Promise me you will grow big” he said always.
She laughed out each time hearing it,
One morning like all other days he woke her up made her sit beside him and fell on her lap,
She thought dad is joking,
But dad was in is eternal sleep!
He never rose up and she kept waiting for his call for hours..
Now she looks at his picture, She works hard every instant and promises him to never let him down.

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By Staff Writer

Editorial Team of LaughaLaughi