Summer fashion is here that can keep you cool in this hot situation. Now everything is melting except the heat. Heat seems to be constant with all its force.
In this summer fashion or style seems impossible to carry. But we shouldn’t forget that this summer can be the season of our fashion quotient as well.

So here I am with few tips and tricks that will enhance your fashion quotient this year.

1. Do not overdo thing fashion. I know I know we love all those jewelleries but summer is not appropriate for that.
It can cause itching on your skin and rashes. So no heavy one. You can opt for costume light weight jewelleries or may be a single jhumka.
2. Do not opt for darker colours as fashion. Many of plus size people will doubt it undoubtedly.
But darker colours attract more heat. So opt for brighter colours but always match it with your figure and style as well.
3. Go for cotton its the new fashion quotient. Don’t we love the soft feeling of cotton? Its the time to bring that cotton salwar of yours.
You can now wear those pure cottons and accessorise it in a Indo-Western way with jhumkas or neck pieces.
4. Do not layer it up in the myth of fashion. Because the more layer you will put on the more sweat your body will produce.
So try to not do so. Instead of layering you can try long kurtas if you are concerned for your heavy breast size.
5. Do not wear body hugging clothes it is not a part of fashion. I know we all love to flaunt our body’s curve or our tiny waistline.

But this summer don’t opt for that. Instead you can try palazzo or long skirts or formal pants. Anything that will keep the air passing on.

This will keep you fresh since body hugging clothes cause more sweat and rashes.
Last but not the least, keep yourself hydrated. I know those cold drinks are love for you in this scorching heat.
But trust me they will cause more heat in you. So stay away from that and opt for healthy drinks like coconut water or watermelon juice. Not the packaged one, get the real one or eat the wholesome fruit.

So here was my few tips and tricks that will help you to combat with this heat.
Beat this heat in a fashionable way.

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