The fashion industry have been fissioning fusion and other categories apart for a long time now. We’ve all known for a while that fusion is in vogue. Where indulging ethnic wears with western has become just the thing. But obviously, when you gather courage to carry off something different, gracefully, you need to see whether you are carrying it or is it carrying you. Just a bit of hints down here, to flaunt yourself with pride.

Fusion Picture 1
In frame – Olidia Das, Behind the lens – Aahana Majumdar

A casual deep blue dress, with, a embroidered sap green jacket, which has coins stitched just above the waist, making it sassy even more. Instead of the blue dress, one can use any bright colors as well. With the perfect dress you need just the perfect look. For that, the simple, loose braids, deep kohl, the nose pin and the shoulder length earrings are doing the justice and the Bindi is cherry on the cake.
I’ll suggest online shopping for Fusion wear. One can get enormous amount of designs, styles and colors. Ajio, LimeRoad, avasa, shein may help you out. Prices are reasonable and quality is up to mark.

Fusion Picture 2
In frame – Olidia Das, Behind the lens – Aahana Majumdar

Talking about fusion, it’s India and here saree is synonymous to beauty. So, to give saree tinge of uniqueness, I find wrapping the saree aachol arround the neck quite a thing. I’ve myself tried it on, and yes it looks different yet awesome. Also it is helpful for those who love saree but finds it a little difficult to handle. Saving you from all the mess, flaunt it with pride. To enhance this look, “Behula” earrings (as they say it), a little “noth” with a loose messy bun will be perfect , keeping the Bindi as it is. Here she is wearing a brown-maroon check Bangladeshi silk.

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