People have a lot of decisions to make, including what to wear between the hours of 9 to 5. Your confidence is definitely the most important thing, but if looking good makes you feel good, there’s nothing wrong in it.

If you are looking for work wear and college wear inspiration, this blog is for you.

I have divided the whole get-up into 3 categories. Firstly let’s talk about clothing:
1. Realise what is appropriate for your workplace/college. It is true that your clothes don’t define you, but in a place where you will be interacting with your professionals, you want to be dressed accordingly. Avoid plunging necklines, worn out clothes, too high heels or chappals etc.

2. Get your clothes altered to fit you properly. Don’t wear too tight or too loose clothes. Well-fitted clothes give you a neat look.

3. Overdressing is the last thing you wanna do. Too fancy, shiny or neon clothes may be distracting and might give an illusion that you are ‘trying too hard’

4. Don’t invest in trends that don’t suit you. You don’t have to follow each and every trend of the season. Your clothes should flatter your body type.

5. Whenever in doubt, play safe. Invest in staples such as blazers, suits, shirts, denims etc. Throw on these and you will be good to go!

6. Clean out your closet. It’s time to get rid off the clothes that lie in your cupboard years after years. Also update your closet with your changing weight.

7. Dressing casual to work is becoming popular. But the ‘casual’ has a limit. A pair of denims and a plain t-shirt is a good idea.

8. Last but not the least, keeping the above points in mind, be comfortable. You don’t want to be uncomfortable in your clothes while you work the whole day. If you find a style that works for you, stick to it.


Now let’s move on to accessories:
1. Watches are timeless. They are the most classic accessories to pair with any sort of outfit.

2. No matter how much we ignore our shoes, they matter. Classic pumps for women and work boots for men are good for daily wear. Prefer resoling your shoes over buying another pair especially when you have spent big bucks on it.

3. High heels can make a great change. They add that extra height and tone to your body. Make sure they are not too-high though.

4. Accessories are meant to complement your outfit, not overpower it. Don’t over-accessorize. Also avoid dangling jewelleries which make noise.

5. Bags are consistent as we carry our documents, laptops, books etc. in it. A neural coloured back-pack is always a good idea. Ladies, you can carry a chic handbag according to your preference and that should do the job


And last, makeup and hair:
1. Messy hair is a no-no. Neat hair is desirable. Men, get your hair trimmed regularly and take some time out to comb and set you hair in the morning. And for the ladies, a neat bun, ponytail or a neat hairdo does the job.

2. Thick beard or a goatie is rarely a good idea. If you don’t like the clean-shaved look, trim your beard regularly to achieve a comparatively better look.

3. For makeup, go minimal and fresh. Wash your face and moisturise it. If you are lazy, this will be enough for you. For the ladies out there who want to do something to their faces, here’s a product list for a quick makeup look-
i) Bb cream/light coverage foundation/powder foundation for the base.
ii) Blush for the flush of colour on the cheeks.
iii) Trim your brows and fill them in to give an instant lift to your face.
iv) 2-3 coats of mascara and a thin line of eye-liner to make your eyes look open.
v) Tinted lip balm/neutral or an everyday mauvy or pinky lip shade to add colour to your lips.

I hope this article was somewhat helpful for you and will give inspiration regarding your everyday getting-dressed routine

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