1. In the first place, we would like to congratulate you for your Bollywood debut with Arko Mukherjee and Riteish Deshmukh. We hope for utmost success of yours. Tell us one thing, from all the way of acting in Hollywood (with Jude Law) and Italian productions, to Bollywood debut, how was the experience?


I moved to the UK 5/6 years ago when I decided to pursue my acting goals, and to do more cinemas that I could ever do in Romania (where I grew up). It’s in London, I have been taught the craft of acting, and I moved alone in a country where I hardly knew anybody. Having lots of dreams and ambitions, I have attended a renowned acting school in the UK, I have been recommended by one of the teachers of the school to an acting agency and that’s how my acting career took off. With Bollywood, I first crossed path 2 years ago, when my UK agent asked me if I want to audition for a great role in the film ‘Dobaara’. I have got the part, and I got to work with great actors such as Adil Hussain, Lysa Ray and with Prawaal Raman as the director. After working with an Oscar winning director, Paolo Sorrentino for “The Young Pope” with Jude Law, things became easier for me, I got contacted by management companies in the US and I am looking at scrips which involve A-lists actors. As I look like an Italian, and the fact that I speak Italian, I got the chance to work in Italian productions. The proposal to be part of Aainda came to me from Sony Music team, I loved the story board and the I got the translation of the lyrics. The team behind Aainda is talented, and I loved working with such a sensitive actor such as Riteish Deshmukh. We got along well, and we realised that we both have a very detailed approach towards the characters.


  1. Tell us something, regarding your new music video Aainda. Like, how do you want to portray the story?


I believe Aainda story is beautiful and simply told, and any couple at a certain point in their life went through the same, being on the verge of separation, finding each other once again and not giving up on the strongest emotion in the world, Love. Aainda video starts with packing her bags, and asking divorce from her husband. The couple is sad about the separation but they can’t help it. It seems that what is due to happen, will happen. Nevertheless, they should go at a friend’s wedding party, for the last time they have to show as if they are together. During the wedding celebration of their friends, there are powerful exchange looks between the two, you can see the regret in their eyes for the lost love. There is a bridge that has been formed between the two. Once they are back from the wedding party, he hands over to her the divorce papers and while she is on the verge of leaving the house forever, he stops her and tears up the paper which separates them. She has tears in her eyes because where there is love, there is always a way of solving out the problems.


  1. Riteish is an outstanding actor, who absolves himself in any kind of role given to him. How was your onscreen chemistry? How did you both help each other?


Yes, Riteish is outstanding and very easy to work with. He is very helpful of his co-actor, he was always available to give me the queue even if he was off-screen. Before we started the filming, we sat down with the director, Prawaal and discussed the characters, the back story, etc. Riteish loves to go into details as much as I do, so we both have a similar approach.


  1. How was the experience, working under Prawaal Ramaan’s direction?


Prawaal Raman is a director who first and foremost focuses on the performances of his actors. And I love that he sits with us and discusses the story board before going on set. He is open to improvisations or suggestions, never imposes something that we, as actors would not feel right to do. At the same time, he knows exactly what he wants from his actors and he is always searching truthfulness within the given story. I have worked with him for the film Dobaara, so I already knew his style of working, and he is a very character driver director.


  1. Tell us something regarding your plans.


I am looking at few scripts and some are coming from Bollywood, some from Hollywood. But unfortunately, I can’t reveal much, my manager in the US is discussing with my manager in India regarding my dates and contracts.


  1. What message would you like to convey, towards your innumerable fans, out there?


I would encourage everybody (not only my fans) to believe in their dreams and to work hard to get where they want to be. It doesn’t matter where you come from, there is no such thing as cultural limitation when your passion towards your work is so strong, when you believe in what you do and when you are great doing what you love. The key to success is to keep trying, failure only comes when you give up.


  1. And your words for LaughaLaughi would be?


I love the content on LaughaLaughi. You differentiate from others with quality of articles, so keep up with the great work!

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