If a train journey to your most favorite subtle place, gets flickered by all the memories you had in your past, so that the most uncanny things gets sorted out to be the most lovable treasures of your life, then PRAKTON is the name of that destination. It has all that clinches with your past, again the most forbidden secret, once, yet unexplored.

Rating : 3.5-star-rating

A direction made by the duo, Nandita Roy & Shiboprasad Mukherjee makes all the difference. The most intriguing part of their projects, namely icche,ramdhanu,muktodhara,belaseshe and henceforth, PRAKTON is that they carry forward themselves with a thinking of social cult and Bengali background targeting those flickered obsessions of mind, which were never thought of. This makes all the difference in their cases.

PRAKTON have it all in it`s surroundings and emotions. Gopi Bhagat as DOP was excellent in featuring the requisites of each and every scene through his frame. Although, technically the excessive use of drone – camera was somewhat losing the take on this brilliant cinematography. Now for music,duos Anupam Roy and Anindya Chaterjee as music director, after Belaseshe, for the second time had done a brilliant job on their takes . Iman Chakraborty, mostly known as a revered Rabindra Sangeet singer, had her debut for this film “ Tumi Jake Bhalobasho” which all flows through one`s mind as it gets framed. A beautiful rendition by Anupam Roy himself also marks its presence stupendously. Surojit Chatterjee with his song “Bhromor” had put an inevitable mark on the screen, leaving a silent cry of one`s heart behind.

Soumitra Chattopadhyay with his exotic voice made everyone speechless. Sabitri Debi, Biswanath Ghosh, Manami De , Aparajita Addhya were superb in their presentation of art and dealing with the genre of relativity among the audience. The star-studded appearance after long 15 years, by Prosenjit & Rituparna was extraordinary. Although efforts could be put on Rituparna’s character to make the reality stuffs more conceptually enhanced and effortless. Bumba Da was at his best.
Some surprises are yet to be revealed by the train journey. So if you are on a effort to loose on someone else, and find out the reason why, PRAKTON would be the correct choice for such a journey of life, revisiting your past through an extra-ordinary flavor of various cuisines dealing with subtle emotions of cry laughter and rejoice.

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