SITA, WARRIOR OF MITHILA is a fantasy book based on the famous mythical incidents of Ramayana. This book is written by Amish Tripathi. This book is the second one among the Ram Chandra series by Amish and published on 29thay 2017. It costs around four hundred bucks.

The story is solely based upon the life of Sita, her birth, childhood, adulthood and then married life. As the great original  Ramayana offers the insight of the incidents mainly focusing upon the banishment of Ram, Sita along with Lakshman. However this book represents an individual insight of Sita.

We Indians always tend to make the living person some Godly creatures and this exactly happens with both Ramayana and Mahabharata. But Amish brings the flavour of humans in all the characters of this book. It also gives us an idea of feminine strength where we are seeing Sita taking over the powers of a ruler alongside with her father King Janak. The emotional bond between Sita and her husband Ram is beautifully portrayed by Amish in the scene where panicked Sita hugged Ram out of her concern for him for the first time that made him startled.

Though this book will surely increase one’s interest for the mythical stories, some parts of the story felt unnecessary exaggerated. For example Sita’s relationship with Malyaputra’s has unnecessary been dragged in the middle part of the story. Also the first meeting between Ram and Sita is too uneventful and simple though the emotion was strong enough.

The description of the surroundings from a different viewpoint give us an insight of ancient Indian culture and society. It will make the readers glued to the pages. Overall the story and the plot as well as its execution is well maintained in the story. It is a worth giving try to this new mythical genre.


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