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School days: Priya (Part 2)

Priya !!! wake up dear it’s 8am. You have school today.
(Clearing the spects) Maa, I know it’s 6am, no need to bluff me early in the morning
You have school final exam. Have you totally forgotten? You will speak with me like this. I am Maa r who else will take care of you. I couldn’t sleep last night thinking how will be the question.
Don’t take tension dear
I know I have exam and I’m prepared as well.
(Curling the curtains up) what will you have before leaving for exam? Tell me okay. will prepare it
(Hearing no answer) mother turned back.
She felt relaxed and satisfied seeing her remembering the formulas
She steps into School and goes straight to see at which room she is supposed to sit.

Mayukh: Priya see whose there?’
Not interested
Ankita is looking at him Mayukh says
Whattttt!! But she already have a boyfriend
Ahhh does it take tax to see other men?
You have seriously gone mad
The bell rings
Priya why don’t you go and talk to him when u really like him
Shut up! I don’t like him. I don’t fall at good appearance but a good personality definitely captures my heart
I love to Interact with people offline
So go and talk with him offline only. Who told you to message him at Instagram and you will never I know.
You know I’m heartless
Yes dear, you are heartless that’s why your eyes filled with tears at orphanage home when that little boy held your hand and took you straight at field and started complaining about the home and his friends

Priya gave a smirk smile.

This girl have such powerful expressions that nobody have in this school I must say. She can say literally everything through her gestures.

Priya: The more you give, the stronger you become emotionally. Just remember it and I would never able to explain you how much I love him. Because love which is really very heavenly cannot be expressed in just limited words.

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