We and I know there are many interpretations of this

We and I know there are many interpretations of this,

Yours one is amazing.

We are hurt but you have no shame,

Ah! Its not your blame!

Blame must be we put upon those,

Who had exceeded the limits of humanity already.

I know its tough.

To be wild and to be rough.

After all you need a voice.

And that’s must be your choice.

Essentially not a bought one!

They show that we harass them.

They point their fingers and put the blame.

Upon us!

Well you probably and essentially don’t know it. Nobody does.

I have seen the devastation with my eyes.

My building was ruptured and priced.

They beat us, they try to grab us.

But do not forget friends, we have a voice.

And that will rise them above everything from ashes.

Because if you are smiling today,

Then please mark it. We won’t smile at your burned face tomorrow.

Us have the powers and we will show.

The protest will show.

Your show-off will not be counted but to those who want footage.

Come to us and let us teach you what its all about.

Do not comment without the knowledge.

Because that can tie your senses in a cage.

Today all have walked long miles.

Tomorrow all will walk more and more.

Until all reach to them where we can shout and say,

“You will have to apologise”

No matter how you pay the price.

But you have to face the consequences.

You must pay excessively, forget the less.

I am here, you are here.

You ruptured our area, karma won’t leave you like this.

You must remember, all still have the strength.

To protest against your selfishness.

All are here,

Who will do wrong, nobody will be spared.

Now I am strong enough alone. Get it?

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