Beautiful and Charming as she was with innocence drawn burled,,

virtuous she was who deserved all the happiness of the world..


Loved just one guy, though having options myriad,,

As unbridled she was within the periphery of her heart..


Her love did not love her back,,

Innocent heart..ignorant about this fact..!


She fought with the world for him,, fought all alone and grew more morose,,

Still on not getting her due love, she did not remorse…


Sleepless nights she had with her pillow which soaked her tears as she cried,,

Afterall her love threads were untied..!


Decided to love him more, win his heart and finally let herself calm,,

Dreams she had, those simple dreams to stay forever in her lovers arm..


In the process of loving him, she did herself stray,,

All she could do for his good is to go and Pray..!


Sooner she began to plead and plod,,

Because she had dreamt of her love with paths to trod..!


Secluded she was, all she could do is weep,,

Afterall she had promises to keep…


She was strong.. she is strong… but for how long..??

She asked herself- “Loving him..Was it wrong…??”


Too much pain for a human heart to endure,,

Such terrible pains,,no medicines can cure..!


She created a strong fence all around enclosing her heart considering it unbroken,,

This is how she healed herself, knowing the reality that she is grief-stroken..!


She reinstated herself, made her all the more firm as she possessed everything to be proud,,,

But the rumination and relics of her loved one made her all alone among the crowd..!!

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