Posta, Badabajar,Kolkata; 31st March: Kolkata faced a major disaster when one girder of an under construction flyover collapsed on Thursday around 12.30 pm. The collapse of the chunk of Vivekananda Road flyover which is situated between the old Ganesh Talkies and Girish park has trapped several people under its massive weight.

Though the Disaster Management Team along with the Army people have arrived the spot, still nearly 14 deaths have been already registered. The 140 tonne crane which had been brought for the rescue has failed to remove the concrete block due to the snapping of the crane’s wire. Gas-cutters are being used as a temporal rescue procedure. Many severely injured people who are still alive under the concretes cannot be rescued due to a lack of mitigation technology.

The locals and eye witnesses say that concrete and cement were just poured yesterday night and today noon they suddenly saw the bridge shaking tremendously along with a thunderous explosion and falling into giant pieces smashing everything under it.

The Emergency Unit of medical College has been flocked with injured people. Trama care team has reached the spot.

Chief minister Mamata Banerjee has cancelled her Midnapore Rally and is reaching the spot as soon as possible.

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