It was 8:54 pm on the 08th of October 2018 when Abhishek Kar a student of Human rights from Rabindra Bharati University was trying to avail the metro way back home from Park street metro station.

Suddenly he realized that he has left his wallet at a stationary shop near the Academy of fine arts at Rabindra Sadan. Having his all economic resources and the metro pass in his wallet, he was unable to access the metro and thus he had to walk back to Rabindra Sadan from Park street to collect his money bag.

He decided to take the shortest walking path to reach his destination. He was stopped by a police motorcycle and three Cops in civil uniform started abusing him. He was beaten up for accessing the road alone and was charged of ‘might be planning for a sexual activity’.

The police assaulted him out of suspicion.
On the 9th of October Abhishek lodged an FIR against those three police men in Maidan police station and even after receiving him complaint he was harassed in the police station.

According to the constitution of India under article 19 any individual have the right to move freely around the territory of India. Then if the area wasn’t allowed to be accessed then why wasn’t there any sign board to notify that.

Secondly, how can anyone be accused of having sexual plans in mind on the ground of suspicion.
Thirdly how can a public official physically assault someone without any legal information.

LaughaLaughi is with Obhishek and asks the state administration for recourse and justice.

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