They may have once collaborated on various hits including Khol Botal, Chaar Shanivaar and Get Up Jawani, but rappers Badshah and Honey Singh have now dropped all pretence at civility. Or at least that’s what the gossip mill is buzzing about. It appears that the rival rappers were engaged in a verbal tiff which soon escalated into a physical brawl at a party in Delhi. Rumours of their differences first arose when Honey Singh compared himself to a Rolls Royce and the latter to a Nano car. Apparently, at a recent private party in Delhi, the duo crossed paths and exchanged some heated words. The fight soon escalated and they began pushing each other physically causing panic amongst bystanders. However, some guests took it upon themselves to intervene and the fight was quickly broken off. Ouch. We just got you back from rehab, Honey Singh.

Source : MTV India

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