The World Health Organisation (WHO) recently reported the alarming increase of childhood obesity in majority of countries, round the globe. It was identified that the marketing of unhealthy foods and non-alcoholic beverages is the primary factor that contributes to this rising obesity among the younger age group.

Obesity is a serious problem which should be immediately addressed and solved because it not only affects the health of children but also deteriorates the quality of life that they would be leading in future by adversely affecting their academic aptitude. In fact it is mostly children under the age of five who are facing the problem of rising obesity.  Among the developing countries, it is India where child obesity is increasing at the fastest pace. A recent study revealed that in case of poorer countries, the children belonging to wealthier families tend to be overweight but in case of wealthier countries, it is the children from poorer families who tend to be obese because of the easily available junk foods, cheap snacks and unhealthy beverages. Food habits and lifestyle are two dominant factors that contribute to the rise of obesity among children.

Child obesity is therefore becoming an area of severe concern for both India as well as the world at large. Immediate awareness programs should be launched by the government and initiatives should be taken by nations to improve the quality of food available in the market. Only with proper diet, healthy food habit and adequate exercise can this issue of child obesity be solved, in the years to come.

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