• Sir, How’s your life going ?

SAHIL- My life has always been awesome. Thank God, it’s going well.

  • You are very much busy now-a-days with your shoots and BCL. Is cricket your favorite game ?

SAHIL- Yes, I have been very busy with my KASAUTI shoots plus BCL also, I’m doing one more project. So, three projects are keeping me busy but I love my work and I’m happy. Yes, cricket is my favorite game. I was a cricketer earlier, I played for Punjab under 16 National. So, it’s always been my first love and I love playing cricket.


  • What else do you like other than sports? What are your hobbies ?

SAHIL- Ahh ! Other than sports I love driving, I love partying a lot, I am totally a party freak person. And also I love cars (laughs), I am trying to buy new and good cars (laughs). These days, I’m trying to buy a sports car.

  • You started your journey through “Roadies”. Share your journey from there to here.

SAHIL- Yeah, my career started with “Roadies”. So, it was a regular day in my college. I’m an Engineer so, I was pursuing engineering and decided to do something new. “Roadies” audition was going on. I thought of going & then, Roadies happened. That’s how my interest in this field started.

  • You made your Bollywood debut from “Student of the Year” as Jeet. Is there any similarity between Jeet and Sahil?

SAHIL- Yeah ! My Bollywood debut started with “Student of the Year” as Jeet. A bit of similarity is there. You know, Jeet had Punjabi accent and same goes to me. Jeet was bindass and so am I. Only two differences are there not more than that because Sahil is not a mean guy, ‘matlab usko kisiko niche dikhake upar jana pasand nehi hai.’ So, for me everyone is equal and all should rise together.


  • You worked with Varun Dhawan in Student of the Year. How was your feeling working with him ?

SAHIL- Yeah, I worked with Varun Dhawan and it feels very good working with him. He is a great guy, a great human being and superb actor.

  • Sir, we heard that Varun Dhawan saved you once during the shoot of Student of the Year.

You didn’t know to swim as you were learner then. Is it true ? What happened exactly ?

SAHIL- Yeah, obviously Varun saved my life during the shoot of “Student of the Year”. I never knew before how to swim. I learnt swimming specially for “Student of the Year”. Just after learning ‘Aap samajh sakte ho kitna maine s,ikha hoga, aur unhone hume Olympic pool mei dal diya.’ We were shooting continuously. From morning 9 to 9 at night we were shooting. 10-12 hours we were in water only. How tiring and difficult the shoot was ! That day was the most difficult day of my life because ‘firstly mai apni fear ko upar karke swimming karne gaya. Uske uparse Olympic pool. Hum pura 10-12 ghanta pool mei hi rehte the.’ In the middle, my body stop working and I was drowning, luckily Varun was behind me. He saved me, grabbed me and took me out of the water. So, he was my life.



  • Presently we can see you in “Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2”. How do you feel being a part of the famous TV show ?

SAHIL- It feels very great to be a part of “Kasauti Zindagi Kay 2”. I know it’s a very famous show. I am very lucky and blessed that Ekta Ma’am gave me a chance in this show. I always wanted to work with Ekta Ma’am. Thanks to my hard work and dedication that I’m a part of it.

  • We could see you supporting Anurag a lot to get his love. Did it ever happened  with you that you supported someone for love or anybody else supported you for your love ?

SAHIL- I have always been a very supportive person in both reel life and real life. I supported my friends in their love stories because I always support love.


  • Anupam or Jeet, which one do you like the most ?

SAHIL- First love always comes first and Jeet has always been my first love. So, I like Jeet more.


  • You studied engineering. So, you like Maths ?

SAHIL- No, I hate Maths. It’s a big ‘No’ for me. I did engineering for my parents. They wanted me to be an Engineer so, I did that.  


  • Is it so that you always wanted to become an actor or something else ?

SAHIL- Never wanted to become an actor. I never had that thing in my mind when I was growing up. I thought ‘ki yeh toh impossible cheez hai. Jaise ek thought ata hai nah who kabhi aya hi nehi mere life mei, kabhi socha hi nehi. That time in Chandigarh acting ka toh kuch hota hi nehi tha, ata patah hi nehi tha, kuch patah hi nehi tha kya hota hai kya nehi. Ek wild thought bhi nehi aya tha ke mai actor banunga. Woh toh ‘Roadies’ ho gaya toh patah chala kya field hai. Isse pehle toh patah hi nehi tha karte kya hai, kya hota hai, kya kaam hota hai’. (laughs)

  • If not an actor what else would you have become ?

SAHIL- As I told if not an actor then I would have been working as a software engineer in a California’s company

‘jaha meri job lagi thi aur mai usko chodkar agaya tha’. So, I think I would have been settled in America somewhere and working as a software engineer and doing that boring job.



  • Oh! Thank you sir for giving your precious time to LaughaLaughi. It was really amazing talking to you.

Would you like to say some words for LaughaLaughi ?

SAHIL- Thank you. I would just like to say that keep your good work up and I keep seeing your posts, you’re doing amazing job. Best of luck for future. Thank you so much for covering me.

  • Thank you sir. Thank you so much.


: Prerna Pal Chowdhury.

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