Recently, Strands of Cultural Historicism: Beyond Ideational Margin, a collection of scholarly articles was published by Gyandarpan Publications. Edited by Aaloy Gangopadhyay, this bouquet of eleven articles both by esteemed writers of repute and budding scholars engages itself in capturing ethnicity, civilization, decadence, art, music, language, literature, diaspora, spiritualism, historicism, postmodernism, social reformation and ideologues in distinctive perspectives.

Aaloy Gangopadhyay, a 2nd year graduate student, in Visva Bharati University, India, is a writer of travelogues, poems, scholarly articles, and a vocalist with 18 Studio-recorded songs. He contributed articles for United Nations, Times NIE, Observer, Le Visage, and poems for Ankur Art and Cultural Magazine, The Mag, Literatures Light, The Literature Today and in anthologies namely, “Roobaru” and “Poems from Best Poets.”

Aaloy has also published papers in UGC, India accredited Journals, both in print and in digital media: “Equality of Sexes in Indian Majoritarian Ethos: A Perspective” in The Literary Herald, India; “Untangling Sociological Perspective on Cultural Differences” in a peer reviewed collection The Myriad of Meanings in Literary Culture Studies, USA. Contributed write-up, “Iconographic Identity of Sarasvati in Jainism and Buddhism” in a Maharani Kasiswari College, India conducted National Webinar The Sarasvati: An Unmistakable Symbiotic Harmony of Myth and Reality.

Twice awarded for his contribution of articles from United Nations; Awarded with “Verbal Mention” and “Special Mention” in MUNs. He is a regular contributor of articles on Enroute Indian History. After the release of his Music Album Ragini Remakes in 2021 this new venture is also applauded by the intelligentsia.

Noted writers of repute like Jaideep Mookherjee, Ahmed Tahsin Shams, Ashis Ray Chowdhury, Avik Gangopadhyay, Sanjib Kumar Roy, Arindam Banerjee, Biswadeep Chakraborty, Aadrit Banerjee, Aishy Mukherjee, Rishakhi Chakraborty and Aaloy himself contributed on an array of themes on cultural studies. As culture is considered as philosophy of the first order activity, this collection attempts to establish the symbiotic relationship between philosophy and culture. Readers will be able to make encounters with ideas and trace multiple strands of cultural schemes and motifs through scholarly articles.

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