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Written Update of Bigg Boss Episode 48- Day 47

Everybody woke with the peppy song that Bigg Boss played “Badtameez Dil”. Being the captain, Sree allotted the responsibilities to the housemates and started cleaning the bedroom himself. 

Bigg Boss house is nothing but dirty mind games so cleaning that isn’t every easy.

While Sree was cleaning the house, he complained Jasleen that there was a lot of mess in the house. This comment was just the spark needed for the wildfire to start. While Deepak was busy mimicking and mocking Jasleen, when Rohit and Sristy complained the same about Jasleen to Captain Sree. Jasleen lost her calm. She and Surbhi decided that they will do the same with Srishty.

Everybody was aware of the dreaded task they were about to face, i.e “Kaal Kothari Nominations”. Housemates were seen discussing about the nominations for the same when Sree commented that the third person for the punishments is not present there.
On the other hand, Romil and Somi had a squabble. Somi defended KV saying that he didn’t break the said property and Romil lost his calm and shouted at her. Somi was perplexed by such reaction that she started crying. They both didn’t stop there but went on with their verbal fights. They told each other not to poke around and create drama.

And there was Surbhi who still didn’t leave her wings of Cupid. She was found to be teasing both Somi and Deepak by saying that if they end up together in “Kaal-Kothari”, it will be too uncomfortable for them.

Megha and Romil went heads on in an argument while they were discussing the Kaal Kothari nominations. When Megha inquired about who is about to go inside the Kaal Kothari, Romil simply replied that the contestants will be nominating her. She was angry and hurt after listening to this. She accused Romil that he is fake.

In the middle of all these scenarios, Bigg Boss announced that it’s time for Kaal-Kothari Nominations. That means, more arguments and more targeting because nobody wants to leave the house so soon.
Megha and Surbhi had an argument about the nominations, yet Megha Nominates Surbhi and asked her to respect her decision. Surprisingly, Somi nominates Deepak stating that he steals stuff. He gets sad.

Sree finally announced nominated contestants, Megha, Rohit and Deepak, to Bigg Boss. But with a twist, Bigg Boss asked Sree to save one and nominate other. After taking a moment, Sree nominated KV and saved Deepak. Both KV and Dipika were hurt by this decision and asked Sree why he nominated him but not Romil. He said that KV got the maximum votes in the house and denies such allegations. Dipika and Surbhi went into an argument while KV went inside the Kaal-Kothari. Dipika supports KV while Surbhi was against of him saying that he was physical in the tasks. Sree passed a comment that KV hurt him physically in the task. Dipika was aghast listening to this and said that it is normal to get hurt in tasks. It’s not of a big deal. Dipika was so irritated by Sree’s behaviour that she cried while KV told Sree that he should know better since he is a former cricketer.

The fights didn’t just end there. Sristy and Jasleen were seen fighting when Sristy accused Jasleen of being so unhygienic especially, in the bathroom. Jasleen lost her calm and told Sristy “Tum apna OCD apne pass rakho.”

Romil pulled a leg of Megha by making fun of her dress sense and styling.

It was seen that Sristy was telling Dipika that Sree is now of the toughest competitor against her. She is personally very shocked with his change of behaviour.

After sometime, Bigg Boss announced another task. In this, Somi, Sristy and Jasleen have to impress Rohit. Then, he will select a winner with whom he has to perform a romantic task.
Rohit was all about Sristy’s beauty and says that he likes her very much. Being the winner, she had to perform with a him and so she danced a romantic dance with Rohit. Housemates started teasing them.

On the other hand, Sristy and Jasleen came to an impasse and deicided to start afresh. They hugged out their differences and apologized to each other.
Bigg Boss orders Sree that being the captain, he should take out KV, Megha and Rohit from the Kaal-Kothari. 

Being in a relationship with Manish Naggdev, Sristy was annoyed by the continuous teasing. She cried and told KV that she is not at all liking this development. Jasleen comforted her, saying Manish will surely understand the situation.

The episode ended but the game has not. It’s going to be more dirty, more puzzling, more interesting.
60 cameras which are 360-degrees coverage, covering the house. Everything is transparent for us but not for them.
So, what’s going to happen next?

To know more, Stay Tuned with the Written Updates of Bigg Boss 12.

-Oindrila Majumdar

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