Author: Sukanya Dutta

  • Another free online gaming site added to my bookmark

    Days are really getting mundane in this pandemic! Isn’t it? Boring than our 9-5 jobs because sitting in front of the laptop seemed easy at first but now has become a herculean task. A contradictory statement for a gaming freak like me though! 😉 I really miss those days of going out on a stroll […]

  • PureSmile Enamel Booster

    In today’s world we have to endure a lot of stress and strain, we have deadlines, meetings, work pressure etc. Amidst this strenuous life somewhere we overlook our personal hygiene especially our oral hygiene. When we travel or in our everyday life, we eat a lot of things that might cause bad breath, mouth acidity, […]

  • Fun online games to play when you are alone!

    We have all been residing in a fast-pacing always-online life where we have little or no time for ourselves. But the world-wide pandemic has put a halt to that concept of life. For a year or more we have been in our houses maintain all the pandemic protocols and stepping out of our houses only […]

  • The fast moving pace of influencer marketing

    Influencer marketing is a profitable one when it comes to products and services. There are many people who often ask me whether Influencer Marketing is a steady industry. And my answer is always Yes! The big reason is that it belongs to the Gen-Z category that understands the mind of the youngsters. Influencers make their […]