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Written Update of Bigg Boss 12-Episode 25-Day 24

Bigg Boss is no more just a house where everyone stays in peace. It is meant for entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. But for that, the price is lots of twists, fights, drama and drama. One can’t expect a silent day in this house. 
In today’ episode, for the second part of captaincy task, where Sanchalak was Dipika whereas Srishty, Karanvir, Urvashi were in the jail. Singles wanted Srishty to win. When KV was eliminated from the task, Deepak came to Sree and told him to not avert anyone cause whoever will come first, would be the competitor for captaincy. Romil asked Deepak not to trust Sree. But Deepak was very much confident but at the end of the task, Sree did his job and Srishty became the winner. So Srishty & Saba-Somi from yesterday’s episode will be the contender for Captaincy.

In the kitchen area, Surbhi said to her Jodidar that, she made the biggest mistake by motivating Sree. Because to everyone’s shock, Sree is now playing really well.

In the morning, when Sree was dusting the floor, Romil came to him and said that Somi told her that last night he was searching for the key of the freeze. Sree totally denied it and got angry for this baseless allegation. After that, he went to the bathroom area and had a big argument with Somi. In between the fight, Sreesanth called her ‘Jhuthi’ which means a liar and he fell into “Tutarak” with her. Sree’s words made Somi cry. But when Somi’s own sister Saba was not supporting her sister in this fight, Surbhi was there for her.

In Bigg Boss Season 12, the biggest Dhamaka happened. Bigg Boss announced the first mid-week eviction would be happening today. Because the nominated contestants were Sreesanth, Karanvir and Nehha, so this time one single will surely leave the show. Bigg Boss called all the nominated contestants in the activity area. There were black coffin shaped boxes. Then, Bigg Boss played another game. He asked all the housemates to vote for the least contributing contestant in this show. In spite of being a really good friend and considering Sree as her brother, Dipika took his name. By the majority, Nehha was tagged as the least capable in this House. But with a twist, Bigg Boss told them that in this house, the viewer’s results will be above all and announced Sree’s name for elimination. Housemates were shocked to the core by the results of the eviction.

After Sree left the house, couples were blaming singles for his elimination. But in all the ‘Singles’, Dipika and KV, especially, were very much disappointed by this eviction.

If the #sahikhelgaya is an award then it’s definitely going to Bigg Boss. Sreesanth was not eliminated at all, he was joining Anupji in the secret room. This is the 4th week for Bigg Boss season 12 and you can say that the actual game begins from this week.

-Priti Saha

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