The first half of the captaincy task is at the verge of ending. Somi & Sree are inside the jail. Sree wants to give up as he had an argument with the Khan sisters. Jasleen, Nehha & Srishty are upset with Sree’s decision. Dipika tries to convince Sree. She tries to stop Somi but Sree doesn’t get up so, eventually Somi wins. Dipika starts crying, KV consoles her. KV accuses Saba-Somi for their instigation to Sree.

Again, Deepak discusses with Jasleen, Sree, Saurabh, Srishty & KV about Shiv’s change of hands during captaincy task. Sree supports Deepak. Deepak tries to explain that he didn’t say about it as he was given a promise but after Salman said it publicly, he spoke about it. He tries to prove his honesty. He gets into a verbal fight with Saurabh as he denies that he didn’t see Shiv to change his hands. This makes Deepak too hyper. Romil supports Deepak. Saurabh gets too much angry. Shiv, Khan sisters & others try to calm him down. He becomes emotional as Deepak used ‘Sala’, though he apologized immediately.

Surbhi discusses with Sree about his backing out in the last moment. He states that he doesn’t want to be a toy in the hands of the Singles. He says that it was his game plan, he didn’t do it out of emotion.

Sree tells KV & Srishty that Nehha brought the topic of Sree saying about Nehha’s personal life. He claims that it was unnecessary during the task.

Jasleen chit-chats with Shiv at late night while Anup is asleep in the out-house. She feels awkward being a Single contestant now.

Khan sisters talk about Sree’s weird nature.

Sree plans strategies with Shiv, Saurabh & Srishty while Deepak does the same with Surbhi.

Sree & Shiv speak in English so, Bigg Boss warns them. Deepak taunts. Sree gets hyper. Surbhi & KV quarrel meanwhile.

Sree mocks Surbhi & she also does the same. Surbhi mimics Dipika. Most of the members laugh at her act.

Jasleen & Shiv are always spotted chatting with each other.

Surbhi talks about Sree with Romil & Deepak.

The second half of the task begins with the prisoners & police being interchanged. Deepak & Sree argue with the roles of police. Surbhi comes in-between.

Dipika doesn’t run & Deepak stops her. Surbhi pulls Srishty’s hair & she falls down while climbing the boundary. Deepak accuses Shiv of kicking him. Surbhi apologizes to Srishty. Deepak gets cut in his mouth, but none entertains him. Everyone is in a mess with Srishty’s condition. Surbhi tries to justify herself. But most of the members go against her. Surbhi gets emotional so, the Khan sisters, Deepak-Urvashi console her. Deepak loses his cool, Urvashi cries as they lack mutual understanding.  Bigg Boss scolds Surbhi & Shiv as they got physical so, they are disqualified from the task.

Surbhi gets depressed as she thinks that she is being demeaned for her looks.

Saurabh & KV stop Romil. Next Saba gets out. – Sreetama Thakur.

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