Nehha went to Saba & Saurabh for giving her collected balls but none of them accepted so, she gave those to KV.

Saba was continuously having argument with Nehha.

At the end of “Jwala Mukhi” task, Romil-Surbhi, Saurabh-Shiv & Khan sisters got selected for contesting in Captaincy task.

Surbhi confronted Somi for taking her mother’s promise not to become the captain in this week. This led to a big mess between the sisters & Surbhi. Meanwhile, an argument ignited between Jasleen & Deepak because according to Jasleen, Deepak said her, “Jhadu hata”.

The captaincy task was announced. Somi, Surbhi & Shiv were to fight for winning. They have to hold a ring & the one who’ll hold it till the end will win. It’s to be won by strategies instead of physical activity.

During the task, Surbhi was behaving very violently.

Somi cracked eggs during the task so, Surbhi threw the cup.

Shiv & Somi wanted to have dinner but Surbhi was reluctant to go inside the house. – Sreetama Thakur

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